We are a UK manufacturer and storage product designer and we create solutions for businesses who want to maximise their warehouse. Focusing on turnkey solutions, we use our technical skills and industry insight to help meet your goals whether that’s increasing your storage capacity with our mesh decking solutions or creating a safe and secure area for your personnel.

our story 

QTS was originally established in January 2003 as Qube Transportation Supplies Ltd which reflected the area of business we were in, which was the manufacture and supply of roll containers and stillages. In the beginning, the business consisted of 2 people Shaun Ingram and Brian Brooks. Our first order in 2003 was placed by the logistics company Tibbet and Britten who operated the logistics for Marks & Spencers – this order was for 3,000 role cages and 2,000 garmet rails.
QTS is a UK-based manufacturer of wire mesh decks. Established in 2003, we specialise in wire mesh-based material handling equipment for use as shelving and racking in warehouse environments.

Over our decade in the industry, we have built a strong reputation for providing quality mesh decks intended to increase operational safety, efficiency, and storage capacity by as much as 20% in both bulk palletised storage and ecommerce picking operations.

We are proud to be industry experts in our field and the only British company of our kind to entirely manufacture our product range in the UK, producing cost-engineered decks to lead times as short as 5-7 days.

QTS boasts an impressive roster of high-profile clients, including leading brands across the UK and mainland Europe such as Amazon, Asda, and Jaguar Land Rover.

Our Solutions

Every business has different storage needs, specific to its operation. By understanding our customer’s needs, we have developed a unique range of products that meet the unique needs of your load and operation.



QTS has a wealth of experience in providing industrial storage solutions for every type of operation. You can contact qts safe in the knowledge that we will advise you on the most appropriate and cost effective solution for your business.


Whether it be a standard or custom made solution, all QTS products are designed in-house by our own team of qualified professionals using 3D computer software technology.


All QTS products are manufactured under controlled conditions in our ISO9001:2000 registered premises or sourced from some of the leading names within the industry. Being a UK manufacturer means immediate stock and dedicated design and logistic department.

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