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As the leading UK manufacturer of wire mesh decks, we know a thing or two about wire mesh decking for pallet racking. easySHELF™ wire mesh decking is a low-weight, high-strength, galvanised wire decking system that is suitable for storing palletised goods or single units securely and simply.

QTS’ wire mesh decking provides an unmatched combination of innovative design, performance, and value for money. Made in the Midlands, easySHELF™ wire mesh decking is manufactured using high quality, approved EU materials to strict quality controlled highest standards at our production facilities in the UK.

wire mesh decking

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Why an Inverted Flared Support Bar is a Game Changer for Your Wire Mesh Deck

In the competitive world of warehouse storage, every detail matters. At QTS Ltd, we’re committed to crafting superior solutions, and our inverted flared support bar for the easySHELF™ wire mesh deck is a testament to that commitment. Let’s take a closer look at why this unique design brings unbeatable advantages to your storage system.

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Easy to install

Fast and easy to install with no tools or fixings required. They are guaranteed to cut down on overall installation time and cost.

Improved fire safety

With an average of 70% permeability, it is favourable amongst insurers in the case of a warehouse fire.


The design elements of the QTS mesh deck are customisable to suit your warehouse requirements.

Highly durable

We only use high-quality materials sourced from the UK and EU.

pre-galvanised wire mesh decking

quick stock range

Standard warehouse wire mesh decking

The QTS easySHELF™ wire mesh decking is the perfect addition to any pallet racking system. Our standard wire mesh deck stock range is based on the most common size racking bays. These are available on the shortest lead time and at the most cost-effective price.

With a waterfall overhang at the front and rear, the easySHELF™ is secured safely into place with no additional fixings for rapid and straightforward installations.


Wire mesh decking for long-span racking

The easySHELF™ mesh decking step-deck is designed to suit a racking system with a step-beam as opposed to a box-beam. With a shortened waterfall and a c-channel design support bar, the step-deck sits in the step and is flush to the beams. Step-decks are well suited to e-commerce warehouses where the racking bay is divided into pick locations.

Create the perfect picking bay by adding the easyDIVIDER™ warehouse rack dividers to split the bay into multiple sections…

Configure your options

Step 1Customise Mesh Apertures
Step 2Choose Your Finish
Step 3Design Options

Central ridge mesh deck

A simple but effective central ridge to create a guide for tote box storage. This is a handy feature to add if you want to be able to load a bay from either side without having to worry about how far on you push the items.

Upstand mesh deck

Create an integral barrier to assist with correct pallet position and help keep flue spaces free. It is also an effective way to store multiple items a few rows deep without having to worry about them falling off the back of the racking.

Overhang mesh deck

Overhang decks are a variation of the Waterfall design with an extended mesh extension for loads larger than the beam depths. (Note, this is only designed to support a slight overhang of the pallet, It is not to be used as extra load space)

55mm x 100mm

55mm x 100mm is the standard mesh aperture of choice for our wire mesh decks. This is because it is the most cost-effective solution that still provides you with the stregth you need.

55mm x 50mm

55mm x 50mm provides the deck with additional support and reduces the amount of deflection. This aperture is also beneficial if you are storing small items so that they do not fall through the beam level.

Custom Apertures

Custom aperture decks are commonly used in situations where the user is point loading the decks. A concentrated amount of wires help to stop large amounts of pressure on certain parts of the deck that might cause it to fail.


Pre-galvanised is the standard finish on our wire mesh decks. This is the most cost-effective finish that we offer.

Hot-dip Galvanised

A hot-dipped galvanised finish is what we would recommend you use for any situations where the product is used in damp conditions such as outdoors or for industrial freezers.


At QTS, our standard powder coating finish is a RAL7042 (traffic grey). The powder coating finish is an aesthetically pleasing option to finish your wire mesh deck. Like a lot of our products, you can choose a custom colour as your finish.

bespoke solution

A quality product starts with a quality design

Design is imperative to the manufacturing of any product, which is why we have a team of in-house designers to make sure our products are the

Our team of designers work on everything from our stock items through to completely bespoke solutions. If you have an idea or a problem that needs solving, then our design team will work with you to produce a cost-effective and fit for purpose solution.

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