In the competitive world of warehouse storage, every detail matters. At QTS Ltd, we’re committed to crafting superior solutions, and our inverted flared support bar for the easySHELF™ wire mesh deck is a testament to that commitment. Let’s take a closer look at why this unique design brings unbeatable advantages to your storage system.

A New Angle on Hygiene and Maintenance

Firstly, the inverted ‘U’ shape of the support bar is a simple but effective wire mesh deck solution for improved hygiene. Unlike regular flared support bars, this design prevents debris accumulation and water collection. It’s a seemingly small change that makes a world of difference, particularly in food storage environments where cleanliness is paramount. By eliminating grooves where grime and water can settle, our easySHELF™ wire mesh decks with inverted flared support bars make maintenance a breeze.

Safety First

Our team at QTS Ltd recognises that safety and efficiency go hand in hand. That’s why the hemmed edge of our inverted flared support bar is another major benefit. This thoughtful design removes sharp edges, reducing the risk of injuries to staff and damage to products. With easySHELF™, your team can work confidently, knowing that every element of your storage system prioritises safety.

Strength and Durability

The inverted flared support bar doesn’t just win points for hygiene and safety – it also offers superior strength. The distinct shape provides additional rigidity, reducing deflection in the wire mesh deck. This translates to a longer lifespan and greater weight capacity, making easySHELF™ wire mesh decks an economical choice in the long run.

With our quick stock options, making the switch to easySHELF™ is a hassle-free process. The pre-galvanised finished quick stock will now all come with our roll-formed inverted flared support bars as standard.

In an industry where efficiency, safety, and cleanliness are key, our inverted flared support bar is the game changer you need. Contact us today and take the first step towards optimising your storage system with QTS Ltd.

Posted on 12 July 2023 in easySHELF™ Wire Mesh Decking