Superior Mesh Partitions for Every Space…

Unlock the potential of your industrial space with our storGUARD™ mesh partitions

Expertly designed to combine top-tier security with the flexibility your business demands, our mesh partition walls are the cornerstone of any well-organised warehouse or production area. With storGUARD™, you gain the power to create safe, designated areas for machinery, inventory, and workstations without compromising on accessibility or visibility.


Increased Safety

Enhance workplace safety with storGUARD™ partitions, designed to prevent accidents and ensure compliance without sacrificing visibility.

Increased Security

Secure sensitive areas and protect valuable assets with the robust and tamper-resistant design of storGUARD™ mesh partitions.

Modular Design

Adapt and reconfigure your space with ease, thanks to the versatile and modular design of storGUARD™ partitions.


Invest in storGUARD™ mesh partitions for long-term savings through durable, adaptable, and reusable design solutions.

Modular Design

Customisable Wire Mesh Partitions for Optimised Spaces

At the heart of storGUARD™ is our commitment to tailored solutions. Our mesh partitions and wire mesh partition walls are fully customisable, ensuring perfect integration into your existing layout. Whether you need to enclose a specific section for security purposes or establish clear walkways in a bustling warehouse, our wire mesh partitions are engineered to meet your unique specifications.

New Panels

Installation Made Effortless: Elongated Panel Holes

Our storGUARD™ wire mesh partitions redefine installation convenience with strategically designed elongated panel holes. These allow for swift, accurate bolt placement, ensuring that assembling your mesh partition walls is faster and frustration-free. This design advancement translates into tangible time and cost savings for your customers.

Mesh panel apertures

50mm x 50mm
25mm x 25mm

50mm x 50mm

50mm x 50mm is the standard mesh aperture for the storGUARD system that provides high levels of safety and security.

25mm x 25mm

The 25mm x 25mm aperture is perfect for aerosol cages as the smaller mesh helps to prevent debris from leaving the cage in the event of an explosion.

25mm x 25mm

The 25mm x 25mm aperture is perfect for aerosol cages as the smaller mesh helps to prevent debris from leaving the cage in the event of an explosion.

New Posts

Riveting Precision: No-Hassle Mesh Partitions

Our switch to rivet nuts on the posts is a game-changer for installing mesh partitions. By bypassing the need for precise hole alignment, we’ve significantly eased the assembly process. This upgrade serves two critical functions: a hassle-free installation and a fortified barrier against security breaches, providing an extra layer of assurance for your space.

New Posts

Flat Footplate Design

Discover enhanced protection with the flat footplate of our storGUARD™ wire mesh partitions. By closing the gap to the ground, we bolster your security against unauthorized entry, reinforcing the safety of your mesh-enclosed spaces. This detail may be small, but its impact on the integrity of your partition system is substantial, reflecting the meticulous design of our storGUARD™ range.

bespoke solution

A quality product starts with a quality design

Design is imperative to the manufacturing of any product, which is why we have a team of in-house designers to make sure our products are the

Our team of designers work on everything from our stock items through to completely bespoke solutions. If you have an idea or a problem that needs solving, then our design team will work with you to produce a cost-effective and fit for purpose solution.

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