United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA)

At QTS, we are proud to be members of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA), the leading trade organisation for the warehousing sector in the UK. The UKWA has over 900 members, and we are proud to be part of this influential and respected community.

About the UKWA

The UKWA is the voice of the logistics industry, representing over 900 member companies that collectively operate around 100 million square feet of warehousing and distribution centre space, across approximately 2000 locations within the UK. It serves both full members – including warehousing and logistics providers, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers – as well as associate members who are suppliers of products and services to the logistics industry.

The Association’s main roles include:

  1. Representing member views to government departments and agencies, Parliament, and other influential organisations.
  2. Actively promoting the warehousing and broader logistics industry.
  3. Safeguarding the interests of members through effective Conditions of Contract.
  4. Enhancing industry standards via comprehensive training and promoting best practice.
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QTS Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to maintaining our UKWA membership is a testament to our dedication to providing our clients with the best possible warehousing and logistics solutions. We are continually striving to improve our services, and our connection with the UKWA allows us to do this more effectively. We believe that by aligning ourselves with such a prestigious organisation, we show our dedication to quality, integrity, and continuous improvement.

The Benefits of our UKWA Membership

Being part of the UKWA enables us at QTS to keep abreast of the latest industry developments, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of best practice and innovation within the warehousing sector. The Association offers excellent networking opportunities, allowing us to connect and engage with peers, suppliers, and potential customers within the industry.

Our membership also provides us with access to vital industry insights, training, legal advice, and support services. This ensures that we are always operating at the highest standards and enables us to continue to offer our clients superior services in the warehousing and logistics sector.

Lastly, the UKWA provides a credible platform for lobbying and advocacy, representing our interests and the industry’s broader concerns to government departments, agencies, and other key decision-makers. Through our membership, we are assured that our voice and the interests of our clients are heard at the highest levels.

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