Tube racking divider for vertical storage

Are you looking to maximize your vertical pallet racking storage? Meet the game-changing tube divider from QTS Ltd, also known as a pronged divider, an arm divider or a racking spigot. This unique product can easily attach to your existing pallet racking beams, bringing simplicity and efficiency to your storage needs.

tube divider

Potential Applications

  • Lumber and Timber Planks: In woodworking and building industries, long wooden planks can be stored vertically, minimizing the footprint in a warehouse.
  • PVC and Metal Pipes: Utilized in plumbing and other infrastructure projects, vertical storage ensures these items are organized and readily available.
  • Window and Door Frames: Particularly in the construction and renovation sectors, vertical storage of these long and often unwieldy items facilitates easier handling and reduces the risk of damage.
  • Metal Rods and Bars: Often used in construction and manufacturing, these long items can be efficiently stored vertically to save space and allow easy access.
  • Architectural Mouldings and Trims: Often long and slender, these decorative elements are best stored vertically to prevent damage and allow for easy sorting and retrieval.
  • Retail Inventory: In retail or manufacturing of sporting goods, vertical storage can be an ideal way to keep items like fishing rods safely organized.

The tube divider is designed for adaptability…

The tube divider from QTS is perfect for evolving businesses in need of adaptable solutions. These vertical pallet racking dividers are designed to attach over the pallet racking beams, just like our easyDIVIDERTM D-dividers, and are secured using an M8x75 nut and bolt to pinch them in place. This method of attachment preserves the structural integrity of the racking system by avoiding any unnecessary fixing onto the beam. Plus, it offers your customer the flexibility to change the position of the pronged divider as often as needed, aligning with the dynamic demands of modern business.


Powder-coated RAL 7042

(Traffic grey)

Powder-coated RAL 7037

(Dusty grey)

Powder-coated RAL 7035

(Light grey)

Hot-dip galvanised

(Recommended for outdoor use)


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