Underslung Loop Dividers

The underslung loop dividers are an alternative design for vertical pallet racking dividers that have similar functionality to the D-divider. The main difference is rather than storing long thin items, the underslung loop divider is better suited to storing large flat items with a big surface area like sheets of wood, metal, and glass.

By utilizing our vertical pallet racking dividers, you can enhance your inventory management and streamline your order-picking process. This will enable you to locate and retrieve items, leading to a substantial boost in productivity and a reduction in operational expenses swiftly and effortlessly.


Improves efficiency

They create bays within the racking for fast and simple stock picking and organisation.

High strength

Made from top-quality sourced materials to provide strength & longevity.

Easy to install

Fast and easy to attach using a tek screw into the pre-drilled position holes


Manufactured to the specification you require


Choosing the right size for your divider…

Choosing the right size for your underslung loop divider is a relatively simple process. As you can see in the illustration, the most important measurement is the distance between both beams. After that selecting the depth is as easy as selecting your desired depth from the range.

Of course, like most of our products, the underslung loop dividers can be manufactured to a specification of your choice. Most commonly, our trade partners change the height, width, or finish of the vertical pallet racking dividers to make them suitable for their customer’s use.


Powder-coated RAL 7042

(Traffic grey)

Powder-coated RAL 7037

(Dusty grey)

Powder-coated RAL 7035

(Light grey)

Hot-dip galvanised

(Recommended for outdoor use)

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