Anti-collapse mesh for racking systems

The rackGUARDIAN™ anti-collapse mesh system is a robust and essential addition to modern warehouse storage solutions, designed to enhance warehouse health and safety protocols. Securely fastened to the back of pallet racking or situated in the flue space using our design-registered safety brackets, this safety mesh serves as a reliable barrier that will keep your staff and products safe.

anti-collapse mesh

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Reduce accidents

Creates a physical barrier to prevent goods falling from height.

Fast installation

Designed for quick & secure attachment to existing racking systems

Modular design

Most screens can be created using our standard parts


A high-strength system that will withstand 3,500j of force with a safety factor of 2

Safety first

Add anti-collapse mesh to increase warehouse safety.

Utilising framed wire mesh panels and combined with specialised brackets, rackGUARDIAN™ creates a fortified zone that significantly reduces the risks associated with items falling from elevated storage areas. By prioritising safety using anti-collapse mesh, rackGUARDIAN™ not only safeguards your inventory but also provides a crucial layer of protection for your workforce. This system exemplifies our commitment to delivering top-notch safety features that meet and exceed industry standards.

rackGUARDIAN™ Panels: Strength Meets Flexibility

The rackGUARDIAN™ anti-collapse mesh panels come with a host of features engineered for durability and ease of installation. One of the standout features is the elongated holes on the panels, designed to offer greater flexibility during installation while simultaneously cutting down on the time it takes to get the system up and running.

Another noteworthy aspect is the use of two bolt fixings on the short edge of each panel, a design choice aimed at achieving unparalleled strength and a rock-solid fixing. Additionally, the panels are arranged in a brickwork pattern, which not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but is also purposefully designed to further bolster the overall strength of the system.

Our Design Registered Safety Bracket…

The design registered brackets used in the rackGUARDIAN™ anti-collapse mesh system are meticulously designed with safety and ease of use in mind. One of the standout features for improved safety is the vibrant red colour on the clips. This distinctive colour choice is deliberately selected to catch the attention of rack inspectors, ensuring that the system’s safety elements are readily visible and easily monitored.

Another advantageous feature is the ability to easily replace damaged panels, even if they are in the middle of a screen. This design innovation offers maximum flexibility when it comes to maintenance, saving time and effort. These well-thought-out features make the rackGUARDIAN™ brackets a superior choice for enhancing warehouse safety and functionality.

Easily picked

Get the standard panel sizes on a 2-7 day lead time

The rackGUARDIAN™ system is comprised of six framed wire mesh panel sizes. These are easily picked from stock and sent straight out to you within two to seven days* of your order. Enquiries over one hundred panels will be classed as a large order. Lead time on these orders may vary.

*Subject to delivery method and location

Cost-effective options

50mmx100mm Anti-collapse Mesh Panels

Acknowledging the demand for versatile and cost-effective safety solutions, we have incorporated 50mm x 100mm mesh panels into our anti-collapse mesh range to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

This addition is part of our ongoing effort to ensure that your warehouse or storage facility benefits from comprehensive protection without compromising on cost.

Configure your options

Option 1Apertures
Option 2Finishes

RAL 7042

At QTS, our standard powder finish for our mesh panels is a RAL7042 (traffic grey). The powder coating finish is an aesthetically pleasing finish that removes any sharp edges.

Hot-dip Galvanised

A hot-dipped galvanised finish is what we would recommend you use for any situations where the product is used in damp conditions such as outdoors or for industrial freezers.

50x50mm Mesh

50×50mm mesh panels are the perfect solution for providing a safe working environment that allows natural light to penetrate and provide ventilation.

25x25mm Mesh

25×25mm mesh panels are manufactured for stock which requires a high level of safety. Which also allows light to penetrate and provide ventilation.

100x50mm Mesh

The 100x50mm aperture mesh is a more cost-effective solution but has slightly reduced strength

flexibility in mind

Extend your protection

Our system is designed with flexibility in mind.

Our upright extension can be supplied with your anti-collapse mesh system to allow your mesh screen to extend above the height of your racking. The extension will allow you to safely store goods at the top of the racking, maximising your storage space.

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bespoke solution

A quality product starts with a quality design

Design is imperative to the manufacturing of any product, which is why we have a team of in-house designers to make sure our products are the

Our team of designers work on everything from our stock items through to completely bespoke solutions. If you have an idea or a problem that needs solving, then our design team will work with you to produce a cost-effective and fit for purpose solution.

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