If you work in the warehouse industry, you know the risks associated with storing goods at height. Many of the top associations for warehouse safety in the UK, such as SEMA and HSE, see anti-collapse mesh for racking as a must-have for your pallet racking system. So, why wait for the inevitable to happen? Let’s get your warehouse health & safety up to standard.

What is anti-collapse mesh for racking?

Essentially, anti-collapse mesh for racking is a system of panels attached to the rear of a pallet racking system. The wall of panels is fixed to the back or side of the uprights using stand-off brackets. The purpose of the mesh screen is to stop items or whole pallets from falling off onto passing operatives. 

Why do I need anti-collapse mesh?

There are a few reasons why you might add Anti-collapse mesh for racking into your warehouse and factory space, but these are the most important two:

Protection of people:

A rather alarming figure is that, according to RIDDOR, over 7,000 employees in 2018/19 were involved in an incident in a warehouse resulting from being hit by moving, flying, and falling objects. RIDDOR only provide the statistics reported to them. According to the Labour Force Survey, this number was closer to 48,000. Whilst it will not eliminate all incidents, adding an anti-collapse screen to the back of your racking is a great way to reduce this kind of accident.

Protect your stock:

Unfortunately, damage and loss of stock do occur in most modern warehouses. One way that anti-collapse mesh can help you minimise loss is to act as a barrier at the back of the racking. Accidents can occur when operators miss load pallets onto the racking or ineffectively stack the pallet itself. This can cause stock or whole pallets to fall off the racking and usually means the items cannot be re-sold.

rackGUARDIAN™ anti-collapse mesh for racking

The QTS solution, rackGUARDIAN, consists of six-panel sizes that fit together in a brickwork pattern to create a strong mesh wall. The panels are made from 3mm, powder-coated (RAL 7042) steel wire which is welded into a 50mmx50mm mesh aperture sheet. The steel wire sheet is then welded to a 20mmx20mm box section frame that surrounds each panel.

The panels are attached to the back of the racking using stand-off brackets. These come in various sizes from 50mm up to 350mm as standard (bespoke options are available) depending on space and the customer’s preference.



Reduce accidents

Fast installation

Industry standard sizes

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Posted on 14 May 2021 in rackGUARDIAN™ Anti Collapse Mesh