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The Hoop Divider For Vertical Storage Racks

The hoop divider for vertical storage racks, part of our easyDIVIDER™ range, revolutionises vertical storage with its unique D-shaped profile. This divider has been purposefully designed to contain long, awkward items like timber and piping.

Its innovative, no-drill attachment ensures quick setup and racking integrity. Ideal for enhancing warehouse efficiency and safety, this robust construction offers unparalleled organisational flexibility.

Explore the features and benefits that make the hoop divider for vertical storage racks an essential tool for optimising storage space and streamlining operations across various sectors.

Hoop Divider For Vertical Storage Racks

Features & Benefits

Improves efficiency

They create bays within the racking for fast and simple stock picking and organisation.

High strength

Made from top-quality sourced materials to provide strength & longevity.

Easy to install

Fast and easy to attach using an M6x75 nut and bolt which pinch it in place.


The fixing method means that you can move the location of your D-dividers at any time with no lasting damage to the racking beam.

Our Hoop Dividers Designed for flexibility…

The hoop dividers for vertical storage racks are brilliant for the ever-changing nature of thriving businesses. The vertical pallet racking dividers slot over the pallet racking beams and are secured using an M8x75 nut and bolt, which pinch it in place.

This fixing method avoids any unnecessary fixing onto the beam that could affect the structural integrity of the racking system, allowing your customer to change the position of the D-divider as many times as they need.

Technical Information

Choosing the right size for your divider…

Choosing the right size for your hoop divider (d-divider) is a relatively simple process. As you can see in the illustration, the most important measurement is the distance between the top of both beams. After that, choosing the depth is as easy as selecting your desired depth.

Of course, like most of our products, the hoop dividers for vertical storage racks can be manufactured to a specification of your choice. Most commonly, our trade partners change the height, width or finish of the vertical pallet racking dividers to make them suitable for their customers’ use.

Standard sizes:


Efficient Picking

Add position plates for organised and efficient warehouse design

  • Organisation: Position plates help to organise the warehouse by providing a clear labelling system that ensures the right product is placed in the correct location.
  • Efficiency: With position plates, warehouse workers can quickly locate the needed product, reducing the time spent searching for items and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Inventory Control: Position plates help improve inventory control by providing a clear view of the products that are in stock and their location in the warehouse.

Choose Your Finish

Powder-coated RAL 7042

(Traffic grey)

Powder-coated RAL 7037

(Dusty grey)

Powder-coated RAL 7035

(Light grey)

Hot-dip galvanised

(Recommended for outdoor use)

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