Wire Mesh Warehouse Shelf Dividers

Introducing the easyDIVIDER™, our solution in warehouse shelf dividers that revolutionises warehouse storage. By creating tailored compartments on each storage level, these dividers elevate the utility and organisation of any storage space.

QTS recognises the dynamic nature of warehouse operations, especially in the e-commerce and retail sectors. With the increasing demand for precision and speed in order picking, organisation becomes paramount. Our warehouse shelf dividers seamlessly transform a standard mesh deck into distinct, organised sections, drastically enhancing picking efficiency.

Warehouse Shelf Dividers


What sets the easyDIVIDER™ apart? It’s not just a divider; it’s a flexible system. Its unique design ensures adaptability, making it perfectly suited for integration with any standard pallet racking or long-span shelving. In the ever-evolving warehousing industry, rely on easyDIVIDER™ to keep your operations agile and efficient.


Suitable for all applications, budgets, and storage needs.

Fast installation

Fast and easy to attach with the pre-welded clips. Compatible with major wire mesh decks.


Designed for strength and rigidity making it a long-lasting solution.


Available in a variety of depths and heights to suit your pallet racking bay.

The standard easyDIVIDER™

The standard easyDIVIDER™ warehouse shelf divider allows the user to easily compartmentalise pallet racking bays with a system that is easy to install and economical.

Standard warehouse self dividers are made using 4mm wires welded into a mesh configuration in a 55mmx100mm aperture arrangement. The wire mesh divider is then fixed to the shelves using the two clips welded to the bottom.

Our framed easyDIVIDER™

The framed easyDIVIDER™ is characterised by the 8mm diameter rod that encloses the regular 4mm mesh wire. This creates a strong divider in the event of storing heavy goods.

Finished in RAL 7042 (traffic grey), these warehouse shelf dividers are an aesthetically pleasing option if you have a lot of visitors to your warehouse. Other colours are available; contact our sales team for a quote.

hanging dividers

The Hanging easyDIVIDER™

Presenting our newest addition to the easyDIVIDER™ line: Hanging Dividers! Engineered for optimal performance, these hanging dividers effortlessly connect to mesh decks located both above and below, using sturdy hooks.

Designed for adaptability and efficiency, they excel in optimising the layout of your storage bays. The robust build of these dividers guarantees not only long-lasting durability but also enhances safety and workflow in your work environment.

Configure your options

Step 1Customise Mesh Apertures
Step 2Choose Your Finish


The pre-galvanised finish is the standard for our pallet rack dividers, delivering quality at a great value.

Hot-dip Galvanised

For pallet rack dividers intended for damp environments, whether outdoors or in industrial freezers, we recommend the hot-dipped galvanised finish for maximum durability.


QTS takes pride in aesthetics as much as functionality. Our pallet rack dividers come in a standard powder-coated finish of RAL7042 (traffic grey). Of course, for those looking to match specific themes or colour codes, we offer custom colour options upon request.

55mm x 100mm

The 55mm x 100mm size is the standard choice for our pallet rack dividers. It stands out as a cost-effective option while still offering the robust strength essential for most warehouse needs.

55mm x 50mm

Our 55mm x 50mm divider offers enhanced strength. This particular dimension is ideal for storing smaller items, ensuring they don’t slip between the appetures.

Custom Apertures

For specialised needs, we offer custom-sized appetures.

bespoke solution

A quality product starts with a quality design

Design is imperative to the manufacturing of any product, which is why we have a team of in-house designers to make sure our products are the

Our team of designers work on everything from our stock items through to completely bespoke solutions. If you have an idea or a problem that needs solving, then our design team will work with you to produce a cost-effective and fit for purpose solution.

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