Warehouse Shelf Dividers: The Fabricated Divider Range

In the dynamic world of warehousing, our Warehouse Shelf Dividers stand out as the epitome of innovation and efficiency. Customised solutions for modern operations improve warehouse picking and storage with pallet rack bay dividers and warehouse rack dividers. Welcome to a future where every inch of your warehouse turns into a strategic asset, enabling seamless and efficient operations.

Warehouse Shelf Dividers


Improved picking efficiency

Easy to install

Highly durable


Our Range of Fabricated Warehouse Shelf Dividers

Option 1D-divider
Option 2Underslung Loop Divider
Option 3Tube Divider
tube divider

Tube racking divider for vertical storage

Seeking to optimize your vertical pallet racking storage? Discover the revolutionary tube divider by QTS Ltd. Often referred to as a pronged divider, arm divider, or racking spigot, this distinctive product seamlessly integrates with your current pallet racking beams, elevating your storage efficiency and simplicity.

Vertical Pallet Racking Dividers

Our vertical pallet racking dividers are made from high-quality materials. This ensures durability and stability for easy storage of long items.

Leverage the benefits of our Vertical pallet racking dividers to enhance your inventory oversight and boost order-picking effectiveness. Swift product location and retrieval not only amplifies your efficiency but also slashes operational expenses.

Underslung Loop Dividers

The underslung loop dividers offer a distinct design for vertical pallet racking, echoing the functionality of the D-divider. Instead of accommodating elongated thin items, they’re optimally designed for stowing expansive flat materials, such as sheets of wood, metal, and glass.

Embrace the efficiency of our vertical pallet racking dividers to refine your inventory management and expedite your order-picking routines. Such organisation facilitates rapid and smooth item retrieval, directly translating to heightened productivity and diminished operational costs.

bespoke solution

A quality product starts with a quality design

Design is imperative to the manufacturing of any product, which is why we have a team of in-house designers to make sure our products are the

Our team of designers work on everything from our stock items through to completely bespoke solutions. If you have an idea or a problem that needs solving, then our design team will work with you to produce a cost-effective and fit for purpose solution.

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