Warehouse Safety Barriers

Our Warehouse Safety Barriers are specifically designed to enhance safety in warehouse and industrial settings by providing a critical separation between pedestrian walkways and vehicle-operated areas. Suitable for a variety of environments, these barriers are essential tools for reducing the risk of accidents and improving traffic management within any facility.

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Enhanced Safety

Reduce accident risks by clearly marking pedestrian areas and keeping walkways distinct from vehicle routes.

Customisable Design

Tailor the barriers to your space with single or double-rail options, ensuring they integrate perfectly into your environment.

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High Visibility:

Bright colours improve visibility, making these barriers stand out in busy settings to alert both pedestrians and drivers.

Ease of Installation

Quick and straightforward to set up, our barriers enhance safety without significant downtime.

Applications  for Warehouse Safety Barriers

Pedestrian Safety Barriers are versatile and can be effectively utilised in various settings, including:

  • Warehouses: Ideal for separating walkways from forklift paths and other vehicular routes.
  • Manufacturing Plants: Essential in areas where machinery and pedestrian traffic intersect.
  • Distribution Centres: Perfect for managing the flow of goods and people in high-traffic situations.
  • Commercial Facilities: Enhance safety in large spaces where vehicles and pedestrians frequently cross paths

Take Action to Enhance Safety:

Don’t let your customer wait for an incident to rethink their safety strategy. Implementing Pedestrian Safety Barriers is a proactive step towards creating a safer and more efficient working environment. Contact QTS today to discuss how we can help tailor our solutions to meet your customer’s specific needs.

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