Hello Craig, can you start by introducing yourself?

Hi, I’m Craig De-Lara and I’m proud to be able to announce, my new appointment as Managing Director of QTS.

What did you do before QTS?

Prior to joining QTS, I was blessed with a diverse career in the security industry, largely with a systems and incident management bias. I was fortunate enough to hold key roles that delivered complex projects for companies such as the emblems ration of a high tech, incident management suite for Santander and multi-million-pound data centre construction, for Pure Data Centres. In recent years I have held c-suite business leadership roles for multi-million-pound turnover organisations, experiencing growth through implemented sales, service, and retention strategies.

Can you tell us why you wanted to work at QTS?

QTS has a rich history and has navigated itself through some impressive transitions to-date, more notably the ingenious strategic move to relocate its entire operation to the UK, where QTS manufactures all of its products and proudly boasts the use of trusted UK/ EU materials.

The moment the founding Director Shaun Ingram and I discussed a role within QTS and the ambitious growth strategies, I could immediately see synergies in both personal and business philosophies and with the passion evident despite 17 years of business, I had a great feeling and have never looked back.

What does the future hold for QTS?

I’m delighted to say that QTS will continue to build on its long-standing success, but it will benefit from a combination of continued experience, fresh enthusiasm and challenged by an outside perspective.

This combination of old and new is designed to continually improve our people, products and services, elevating QTS to the no’1 mesh solutions partner of choice, supporting our trade partners to exceed their clients expectations each and every time.

We’re forever challenging the way we do things and that will form the culture for years to come.

What is your strategy for implementing change?

Our strategy for change is already in motion and I’m pleased to say that our customers are already experiencing the benefits.

With that said, we’re still hungry to drive a continual improvement culture throughout the business and that starts with the people you employ and how you empower them to achieve great things.

QTS is a very close family feel business, which encourages team members to push the boundaries improvements, improvements which intend to significantly improvement customer experience and satisfaction levels.

Such is our commitment to meaningful change, that we have recently appointed into a new role of Quality & Change Manager, as we search to ‘be more’ which forms part of our core values.

It’s an honour to be appointed the role and responsibilities of Managing Director, especially by the Founding Director and newly appointed Chairman Shaun Ingram.

Shaun has driven QTS almost single handedly for more than 17 years and has secured the next phase of its growth with my appointment in true entrepreneurial fashion.

Collectively we have transitioned the business over the past 14 months, having developed a strong team of equally passionate people, so I’m excited by our ambitious plans to grow QTS into the out and out no’1 mesh solutions partner of choice to the trade, through exceptional people, quality product and first class service.

Posted on 11 December 2020 in Company News