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QTS is a leading manufacturer of wire mesh based material handling solutions for the logistics industry formed in January 2003. With the history spanning over 10 years, QTS has built up an enviable reputation and remains the specialist mesh manufacturer of choice for pallet racking manufacturers and key distributors across the UK.

In the beginning, the business consisted of two people: Shaun Ingram and Brian Brooks. Our first order was in 2003 for 3,000 roll cages and 2,000 garments rails which were placed by the logistics company ‘Tibbet and Britten’ who operated the logistics for Marks & Spencers. The continuous aim of QTS is to develop and produce value wire mesh based quality products, competitively priced which provide value for money to our customers.

The key to our success is the combination of an excellent range of products and outstanding people who thank their expertise and extensive experience, always offer the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for the job.

All QTS solutions within our four product families, EasySHELF, RACKGUARDIAN, QBARS, and storGUARD, meet the most stringent quality and safety standards and have been independently tested to the latest regulations within the industry.

Our approach to manufacturing is simple. We ensure that our products are made from quality materials, using the latest technology and equipment, combined with highly skilled employees, to achieve the highest standards for you.

This means that QTS  can supply many standard features from its range but is often relied upon to fulfill more challenging projects where the standard will not suit. Our individually designed solutions are commonly regarded as the most effective method of obtaining the best space management aligned with value for money.

Our Solutions

The best solutions, built on solid expertise

Our solutions are sectioned into three: warehouse safety, warehouse storage and warehouse security, with our family products involved within.

What our customers say

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We work alongside our customers to design individual solutions to fulfill their individual needs. Our in-house design departments take all the considerations into account, including available space and the materials to be stored, and produce a bespoke design to match your requirements while eliminating costs.

QTS boasts an impressive roster of high-profile clients including leading brands across the UK and mainland Europe such as Amazon, Asda, and Jaguar Land Rover.

“We are super happy as our wire mesh decks have turned up on time, and they are well packed and in a good condition. Happy with the end result!.”

Darren Randle | Teccon Ltd

“The company wanted to go wire mesh decks rather than timber, as they felt it was better for their company needs. We are very happy with the project and the finish”

Richard Church | Spartan Direct Ltd

If you have a Vision QTS will help you to turn it into reality

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