We are very proud of our work-force and we have worked hard to create a business that attracts those people who appreciate the importance of teamwork, professionalism, attention to detail and a genuine commitment to quality and care. This, in turn, it has created a culture that we have become as a business with being  respected for, and one that our clients regularly commend us for, feeding back what a pleasure it is to work with both our team, and the company.

Shaun Ingram

Managing Director

Josh Ingram

Operations Manager

James Wilford

Commercial Manager

Simon Leach

Account Manager

Abbie Brereton

Marketing Executive

Pippa Hudspith

Sales & Design Support

David Wright

Account Manager

Andrew Kirk

Capacity Planning Manager

Laura Marsden

Sales Support

Kurt-Michael Atkinson

Account Manager

Loendi Pieters

Logistics Planner

Ash Bunting

Maintenance Engineer

Seamus McWoof

Head of Security

Amber Wag-star

Feel Good Manager
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