an additional level of protection 

StorGUARD is a modular system comprising of mesh panels and posts to create secure structures within warehouse and manufacturing premises. The original system was designed to create rooms and divisions which prevented unauthorised personnel access and reduced opportunistic thefts of stock.

Steel Partitioning is a great way to create restricted access areas for quarantine goods, hazardous substances or high-value items. This easy to install system can be supplied with wire mesh hinged or sliding doors.


Our StorGUARD partitions are created with framed panels which provides strength and rigidity to for long-lasting warehouse security. Made from a 3mm wire mesh, each panel is supported by sturdy steel post which bolts to the floor. 


Solid construction creates an additional level of protection against unauthorised access, theft or criminal damage


Modular panels, posts, and doors allow StorGUARD to be easily configured into a number of designs.

Fast Installation

Unique bold less bracket and pin mechanism result in a fast installation.


Suitable for all applications, budgets and security needs. Can help to reduce crime levels and insurance premiums. 


Of employees admitted they have been caught stealing warehouse stock.


of employees said they have never been caught stealing warehouse stock


of warehouse stock theft usually occurs between the days Friday to Sunday.


of employees have lost their job due to warehouse stock theft.

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