StorGUARD Mesh Partition

StorGUARD is a modular system comprising of mesh panels and posts to create secure structures within warehouse and manufacturing premises. The original system was designed to create rooms and divisions which prevented unauthorised personnel access and reduced opportunistic thefts of stock.

Straight Partition

This basic edition of the StorGUARD system is a simple, straight partition. These single wall partitions can be installed between two permanent walls to create a straight, secure barrier. 

These simple temporary partitions can be used to cordon off an area, designate it for a particular use, or simply divide up a larger space into dedicated sections.

Available in a range of heights between 2250 and 6000mm, and in lengths of up to 100,000mm long, the StorGUARD straight partition is a versatile solution suitable for many applications. This product can be ordered with sliding or hinged doors.


Corner Partition

The StorGUARD corner partition is designed to fit into corners. This two-sided wire enclosure utilises existing permanent walls to form a secure walled-off area in any environment.

This variety of partition can be supplied with sliding or hinged gates to suit your available space and application specifications. Ceilings can be supplied if required.

A wide range of standard sizes are available with heights starting at 2250mm. For full information on this product, please contact us today.


Three Sided Partition

This three-walled wire enclosure unit is designed to install against an existing interior or exterior wall, to enclose an area from its surroundings.

The three-sided StorGUARD partition is useful for creating secure, designated areas for a specific application, or for storing a particular kind of item.

This variety is available in a range of heights and lengths and with or without a roof. Sliding and hinged doors can be supplied to suit your needs. Speak to us today for further information and full details on the dimensions available.


Mesh Cage

Wire mesh security cages are 100% free-standing and can be utilised anywhere within a warehouse or stock room to provide a secure enclosure.

This cage system creates a completely secure standalone area which can be used for secure storage of any materials or stock items, preventing theft and ensuring safety of its contents.

One of the avantages of using a mesh cage is the fire safety benefits provided. Stored aerosols, for example, can be a major risk when they come into contact with fire as their pressurised contents are liable to explode. If stored safely in a StorGUARD mesh cage, explosions can be contained and the risk of damage from debris is significantly reduced.

Contact us for further information on this product and the rest of the StorGUARD range.



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