The easySHELF – A superior wire mesh deck solution

The easySHELF – A superior wire mesh deck solution

In a world where the population is rapidly increasing, and space is diminishing quicker than we can get you a quote (which is very quick), it is becoming increasingly important that we find solutions to maximise the space of our warehouses. The obvious answer – build upwards. This, of course, comes with its own difficulties, but the one that we are most concerned with here at QTS is the safety of your products and staff.  This way we have designed our easySHELF™; a wire mesh deck system to help store your goods safely.

The solution to this problem is to layer up multiple shelves but to do this you are going to need something to support the products. The common solution is to use wooden slats between the beams to rest the products on so that they don’t fall through and become damaged. Having the decking also helps to provide extra support for heavier goods that would otherwise not be able to be supported by the beams alone. All pretty simple so far, right?

The common mistake though (which we have many bespoke solutions for) is that companies will often opt for wooden decking because the initial upfront costs are cheaper than the steel metal mesh alternatives.  I know what you are thinking, “saving on set up costs doesn’t sound like a bad thing”, well in this instance, it is. The solution is to use a wire mesh deck replacement, like our easySHELF, and here is why…

The easySHELF, the superior solution:

  1. Wood is weaker. By only using a 4mm steel wire, QTS have been able to create the mesh frame which, combined with a choice of our support bars, can hold up to 1500kg.
  2. The easySHELF can deal with moisture. We know it isn’t always possible to keep everything dry, especially if you have to receive a delivery in bad weather. A wooden decking would become damp and when wood gets damp it becomes weaker which means you are potentially risking the safety of your products. This also means that our easySHELF is perfect for storage outside and the strength will not be compromised.
  3. The easySHELF is fire safe. As a result of its mesh design, the easySHELF allows water to penetrate through to all the levels. This is extremely effective in fire safety as the fire can be put out right at the bottom of the unit. This means it would also make your insurance cheaper so thus cheaper in the long run. If you want to improve your safety even further, then you could add the rackGUARDIAN to your system to improve safety for your staff.
  4. easySHELF is simple and easy to install. The wire mesh decking has a waterfall design which makes constructing each bay very simple; all you need to do is drop the deck onto the beams and you are done.
  5. They are easy to maintain. With the easySHELF, you can have a variety of coatings on the wires which helps the wires be almost maintenance-free. At QTS, we offer a Zinc finish which adds the benefit of being chip-proof. Our mesh decks are also rust-free allowing you to know your mesh decks will always be in tip-top condition.

Now, there are a lot of different varieties of the easySHELF that we produce right here in the UK and we even offer bespoke versions to cater to your needs. We know this could seem a bit daunting but luckily, we have a team of experts just on the other end of the phone (or email if you prefer) who can help take your warehouse to the next level.

easySHELF Wire-Mesh Deck, the Superior Choice!

easySHELF Wire-Mesh Deck, the Superior Choice!

Mesh Decking is ideal for heavy-duty as well as very light loads, food industries, combustible areas as it’s a highly versatile offering significant benefits over traditional shelving. It quickly converts pallet racking into shelving for smaller items without a loss in loading capacity. it’s a cost-effective and strong alternative to timber and solid industrial steel shelving to store pallets and unusually shaped products. each wire mesh panel is quickly positioned between two pallet racking box beams, creating an instant shelf for small boxed items or irregular sized palletized goods. Each panel is manufactured of steel wire mesh, with multi-channels depending on your requirements for strength and to ensure resilience. Each panel is made of galvanized wire mesh.

Waterfall decking, which extends over the top and down the side of the beam, or lay-in decking, which rests in the step of the beam. Metal wire shelving is specifically designed to handle unusually sized loads or uncommon pallets without being unsafe. Reverse waterfall decking can provide containment of a loose product to prevent the product from falling behind the rack system. Lay-in decking rests inside the step of the beam, and wire mesh does not waterfall over the beam. Wire mesh decking comes in various thicknesses and mesh dimensions and the mesh construction also allows for easy identification of shelf contents and prevents dirt and other debris from accumulating on the shelves because of the holes in the mesh.

Wire Mesh is Shelving with Health & Safety in Mind

With a wire mesh deck, you can keep your products from falling through your racking system and causing damage or injury. In addition, they are preferable to solid shelves because it allows smoke and heat to rise and sprinkler water to fall through into storage areas. Also, they make it easier for your crew to see a fire and evacuate. Closed decking and shelving made of wooden or metal panels cause smoke and fire to travel and spread horizontally while prohibiting fire prevention methods. Solid decking is discouraged by fire inspectors because sprinkler systems can’t spray through the shelves to levels below. The use of Wire Mesh Shelving can reduce the number of levels requiring sprinklers and also the number of heads needed for an overall scheme. In addition, wire mesh decking provides the same distributed weight capacity as solid, however, it requires less space (thickness_ to do so enables you to have more levels than with solid decking. Timber, plywood or chipboard being natural products, are less resistant to mold and mildew as well as prone to warp, bend, sag and split. Finally, wire mesh decks are advantageous because they are able to distribute the full weight of your products across the beams of your structure, which adds sturdiness and utilizes your capacity to its fullest extent.

Wire Mesh Decks – One Size Does Not Fit All

Wire Mesh Decks – One Size Does Not Fit All

Hello to all you wonderful people in the warehouse land, the hard-working unsung heroes of storage. In this article, we are going to look at the types of wire mesh decks and their size which will make your life easier when it comes to ordering brand new wire mesh decks and the pitfalls of assuming … it’s just a mesh deck. It’s not rocket science than a week later the whole top-level folds in.

Trust me it happens. of course, when it does it is usually because the wrong specs have been given or some minor details omitted wasn’t so minor after all, like weight pointing loading.

Here at QTS Ltd, we have put together a useful guide to what it is you need to consider when getting the right mesh deck for the right job. And, don’t worry we manufacturer all types of wire mesh decks meaning we have got you covered.

1. Type Of Load Being Stored?

The first and most obvious question is, what products are being stored on the mesh deck? Is it a pallet, small lose goods, or perhaps barrel storage with a liquid load, or something completely different? This is critical as this will determine the type of EasySHELF© Mesh Deck that is best for your storage and racking system. You cannot simply choose the decking based on the advertised load rated capacity. There is a range of factors that go into the design of our Mesh Decks such as the wire thickness, wire aperture ( the space of the gaps), number of support bars, waterfall directions, all of which are calculated by use when we design your EasySHELF© Mesh Decks.


2. What Are The Product Dimensions Of What’s Being Stored?

Another aspect of the type of loads that you are storing that we will need to know is the overall dimensions and weights. It is key to note if the item will be point loaded (when the loaded weight is concentrated on specific points) or line load ( when the loaded weight is parallel to the support bars) on the mesh deck. If there is a point loading or line loading, be sure to note exactly where it will occur, or the mesh deck can be designed to give the most support in those areas to prevent bowing and folding.

3. What Is The Type Of Pallet Rack/ Beam Do You Have?

Our EasySHELF© Mesh Decks are designed to fit almost any pallet racking system out there. But, the most important thing is knowing the type of beams that are used in your racking, since this will be where the mesh deck will contact the rack and bare the weight across the beams. There is a range of types of beams out there including:


Telling us which type of beam you’re using will allow QTS to select the correct number of support bars along with any requirements for waterfalls.

4. Do You Need A Waterfall?

So, let’s start off knowing what a waterfall wire deck is. A waterfall is basically the edge of the mesh deck, which offers both support and safety by anchoring against the beam whilst presenting a curved edge of entry. Below are listed the variations of waterfalls and the beams they best suit:

Exterior Waterfall: This is one of the most common and is seen in more warehouses and manufacturing setting. The wire decks sit on the step beam and the wire overhangs both front and back beams by roughly 1.5″,


Internal Waterfall: As above the difference is the waterfall which is sitting on the step beam levels. The beam faces unobstructed for labels and barcodes.


Flat/Flush Finish: There is no outside waterfall. The wire deck is contained within the rack structure. The Flat/Flush deck is designed for installation with box beams to create a flat decking level.


Reverse Waterfall/ Back Stop: It is possible to have an outside waterfall presented at the front pointing down and the rear of the mesh decks wire is pointing up to act as a backstop.


5. Is Your Pallet Racking Inside or Outside / Damp Conditions

Lastly but not least, where is your pallet racking situated? Is it a nice dry warehouse or perhaps it’s outside in the rain or would it be in a chilled goods environment? These are important factors as this will dictate the type of finish you will need – maybe you might consider getting a galvanized finish? There are many finishes out there including powder coating, which QTS can offer a full RAL colour service with our very own Powder Coating Plant Facility. We can offer you any colour you could possibly want. All you need to do is to ask us.

6. Get the EasySHELF© Mesh Deck You Nedd

If you need help discussing any of the above options or would like more information about choosing the right EasySHELF© Mesh Deck. Please feel free to give us a call on 01455 633567 and let us guide you through your next pallet racking Mesh Deck project.

Why Have Mesh Decks In Your Warehouse?

Why Have Mesh Decks In Your Warehouse?

For decades, Plywood decking pallets were used as a warehouse racking solution. Providing support under the pallets that were being stored. The problem with this was it was starting to get too expensive. Timber is also a fire hazard. Enter mesh decks. Having Mesh Decks has made manufacturing so much more efficient.

Having the safety and quality in mind, it means warehouses can use wire mesh decks safer and efficiently. Mesh decks are a popular option for many as their warehouse racking solution.

So, let us tell you all the facts and information that you could possibly need to understand why you should have mesh decks in your warehouse.

What Are Wire Mesh Decks?

Wire Mesh Decks is an adaptable decking solution which offers a range of benefits over traditional Plywood Decking such as safety regulations and fire safety protections. With this in mind, mesh decks are a quick and easy shelving option compared to the Plywood decking.

Let’s get down to what it really means. As we know safety is your number one priority in any warehouse environments. This doesn’t just mean the safety of your employees, but also the safety of your products too. Mesh Decks is a wire decking which is used to add a layer against any of your stock falling past your racking system and causing any injuries or damage to your material handling equipment. The design of the mesh decks prevents dust build up on your products and allow your sprinkler system to pass through them in the event of a fire in the warehouse, which can have a benefit on your insurance premiums.

Wire Mesh Decks also allows light to travel through too the lower racking levels to create a brighter and more efficient warehouse, allowing stock taking easier for your employees as they have a clear sight of each product stored and increases the sturdiness of your rack by equally distributing weight across its beams.

Perfect for storing various material handling such as pallets, boxes and lose stock.

What Are Mesh Decks Used For?

Hopefully, you understand what mesh decks are, meaning we’re onto the next stage of this article … what mesh decks are used for!

Mesh decks are used as a safety measure in selective pallet racking to prevent pallets and other materials from falling through the beam levels. They are a quick and easy shelving option for warehouses to store their goods. Wire mesh decks are usually the first option for warehouses. Mainly for Safety reasons, due to the reduced levels requiring sprinklers and the number of heads needed for an overall scheme.

How Are Mesh Decks Used For Warehouse Racking?

Each Mesh Deck is positioned between two pallet racking box beams. This allows you to create a shelf for your pallets, boxes and loose goods too. Each panel is manufactured from a steel material called steel wire mesh. It has three flared channels for strength and to help keep this in place using something called the waterfall design. This can be seen at the front and back edges of the deck. To also prevent the deck from rusting, there are various coating options to choose from. Check out our QTS Guide For Wire Mesh Deck Coating And Finishes blog to find out more about our coatings.

The Benefits Of Using Mesh Decks

Easy Installation: Mesh Decks are known for their popular accessories in pallet racking and have far more quality compared to the Plywood Decking due to its safety features and the strength. With Mesh Decks they are super easy to install where there is no need for tools as the decks can be easily dropped into place and sits on top of the beams.

Durable Duty: For many years, Plywood decking was used in many warehouses to provide support under the pallets. The issue to this was using plywood boards became too expensive. They also started to become a fire hazard in warehouse environments. The Plywood Decking was causing too many issues in warehouses. Such as falling out of place causing an unsafe work environment.

This is where mesh decks came into place to solve these problems. Whether loading full pallets or hand stacking small cartons. Mesh decks give you the durability and meet all safety and fire code requirements.

Hygiene: With Plywood decking being used it meant that hygiene became an issue due to spillages. When a spillage happened on wood, some liquid stained the wood or soaked through the board. Whereas with the mesh deck spillages can easily be cleaned up straight away without leading any long-lasting hygiene issues.

Safety: Safety is an important aspect of any warehouse. That’s why you always need to make sure all items in your warehouse are safe, including employees. If you were using Plywood Decking in your warehouse and there was a fire, the smoke would take a while to reach the overhead sprinklers. This means there would be a delay for the sprinklers to start.

On the other hand, with mesh decks you are going to have the best safety option with its overhead sprinkler system. The fire will start under the decks, then the fire will start to spread which causes smoke to rise through the decks. This is then going to set off the sprinklers, allowing the water to run straight through the decks to put out the fire. At the end of this, the decks will still be safe and undamaged, unlike the Plywood Decks.

Ready to update your warehouse racking?

Are you looking at using Mesh Decks for your warehouse? We can help here at QTS as we have a range of mesh decks for all your needs as our decks are suitable for just about anything. Each one of our decks also meets all the safety standards. View our Mesh Decks here today and get in touch with us too!