Improving your sustainability, one rack at a time

Improving your sustainability, one rack at a time

Would you believe that only 5% of the worlds land mass remains untouched by humans? At QTS, we are concerned for the planet’s wellbeing but also your products and staff safety. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to get the right mixture of cost efficiency and sustainability, but we think that we can help to alleviate some of this burden.

The population increase rate of the world is currently around 1.05%. This does not sound like much but that could push the world’s population over the 8 billion mark. Naturally, this increase in population is going to cause an increase in demand over time.  If we look at the consumer spending for evidence of this then you will see that between 2014 and 2019 consumer spending increased by over 80%. Of course, as businesses, this is exciting. However, it does bring about the problem of not having the capability to house this much stock.

How can you become more sustainable in your warehouse?

The space saving answer  is to stack warehouses high by using multiple racks on top of one another. There are some risks associated with this. What if the decks collapse? What if something falls and causes injuries? Well, by using a wire mesh deck in combination with an anti-collapse wiring will help to combat both issues. And we have the perfect 2 products that can be completely tailored to your needs:

easySHELF logoEasySHELF:
easySHELF Wire Mesh Decks are a low weight, high strength wire mesh decking system that is suitable for storing palletised goods or single units in a secure and simple way.

Constructed from fusion welded steel in various configurations, the easySHELF surface is on average 70% permeable. This reduces the gathering of dust, whilst at the same time allowing light and water from sprinklers to penetrate lower levels. Designed with a waterfall design front and rear the easySHELF is secured safely into place with no additional fixings for rapid and straightforward installations.

RackGUARDIAN Anti-Collapse Mesh (ACM) is a High-Strength Steel panelled protection system, which protects your workforce from serious injury or harm from falling product stored at height.

Mounted to the rear of a pallet racking system using a universal bracket, panels are configured in a brickwork pattern and installed to create a strong mesh screen capable of absorbing impacts up to 2500 joules.

How can steel possibly contribute to the sustainability of your company?

I know what you are thinking, how can steel possibly be in any way sustainable? Well firstly, by building upwards, you are saving space. Natural areas are often cut down and flattened to make space for these big warehouse spaces; by building upwards you can potentially triple of quadruple the amount of storage per meter squared.

Secondly, a common misconception is that the wooden structure alternatives would be better suited from a sustainability point of view. However, wood is a single use material; this means that once the decking is finished with, it will be burnt or left to rot. The burning of the wood releases all the CO2 that is stored in the wood. If you compare the span of steel to wood, then you may have to replace the wood 3 or 4 times which is a lot of c02 that gets released.

Steel is also the world’s most recycled material. Once business have finished with our easySHELF, it is melted down and reformed into more mesh decking. The steel used in the construction of warehouses across the UK has a recycle rate of around 90%. Our main supplier of steel produces a majority of its product through recycling used steel.

If you would like to help us save the planet and improve you sustainability, then get in contact with one of our dedicated sales team today here.

The easySHELF – A superior wire mesh deck solution

The easySHELF – A superior wire mesh deck solution

In a world where the population is rapidly increasing, and space is diminishing quicker than we can get you a quote (which is very quick), it is becoming increasingly important that we find solutions to maximise the space of our warehouses. The obvious answer – build upwards. This, of course, comes with its own difficulties, but the one that we are most concerned with here at QTS is the safety of your products and staff.  This way we have designed our easySHELF™; a wire mesh deck system to help store your goods safely.

The solution to this problem is to layer up multiple shelves but to do this you are going to need something to support the products. The common solution is to use wooden slats between the beams to rest the products on so that they don’t fall through and become damaged. Having the decking also helps to provide extra support for heavier goods that would otherwise not be able to be supported by the beams alone. All pretty simple so far, right?

The common mistake though (which we have many bespoke solutions for) is that companies will often opt for wooden decking because the initial upfront costs are cheaper than the steel metal mesh alternatives.  I know what you are thinking, “saving on set up costs doesn’t sound like a bad thing”, well in this instance, it is. The solution is to use a wire mesh deck replacement, like our easySHELF, and here is why…

The easySHELF, the superior solution:

  1. Wood is weaker. By only using a 4mm steel wire, QTS have been able to create the mesh frame which, combined with a choice of our support bars, can hold up to 1500kg.
  2. The easySHELF can deal with moisture. We know it isn’t always possible to keep everything dry, especially if you have to receive a delivery in bad weather. A wooden decking would become damp and when wood gets damp it becomes weaker which means you are potentially risking the safety of your products. This also means that our easySHELF is perfect for storage outside and the strength will not be compromised.
  3. The easySHELF is fire safe. As a result of its mesh design, the easySHELF allows water to penetrate through to all the levels. This is extremely effective in fire safety as the fire can be put out right at the bottom of the unit. This means it would also make your insurance cheaper so thus cheaper in the long run. If you want to improve your safety even further, then you could add the rackGUARDIAN to your system to improve safety for your staff.
  4. easySHELF is simple and easy to install. The wire mesh decking has a waterfall design which makes constructing each bay very simple; all you need to do is drop the deck onto the beams and you are done.
  5. They are easy to maintain. With the easySHELF, you can have a variety of coatings on the wires which helps the wires be almost maintenance-free. At QTS, we offer a Zinc finish which adds the benefit of being chip-proof. Our mesh decks are also rust-free allowing you to know your mesh decks will always be in tip-top condition.

Now, there are a lot of different varieties of the easySHELF that we produce right here in the UK and we even offer bespoke versions to cater to your needs. We know this could seem a bit daunting but luckily, we have a team of experts just on the other end of the phone (or email if you prefer) who can help take your warehouse to the next level.

Meet Elsa Our Regional Account Manager

Meet Elsa Our Regional Account Manager

My role as ‘Regional Account Manager – South’ at QTS is to nurture and develop budding relationships with new and existing clients, achieved by using a consultative one to one service model to elevate both support and assistance received by our customers. 

This includes thinking outside of the box to provide the very best standard and bespoke wire-mesh solutions that best fits our customer’s needs. With quality and consistent communication with our clients, I’ll ensure their purchasing experience is smooth and effective.

Highlights in my previous role would be runner up of Call Centre agent of the year at the TTG Travel Awards, this takes into account all applicants from call centres all over the UK. With also achieving personal sales of £3.9m in one year making me in the top 3 performers for the company out of 61. 

I joined QTS because I wanted to join an innovative and fast paced company in a role that would complement my current skill set, whilst pushing me with new challenges. I loved the ambitious and family culture and felt that I would be a valued team member to the company. 

I bring to QTS the skills from my customer service experience and will provide a personable connected service to deliver products and services in line with our client’s best interests. Ensuring clients are happy and satisfied with their experience and guaranteeing repeat regular custom.

Craig De-Lara, Sales & Marketing Director:

“We’re excited with the recent addition of Elsa to our Account Management Team and it’s yet a further commitment to our customers that we are putting their needs at the heart of everything we do. At the turn of the year, we as a Board, set the vision of what is now commonly known as #QTS2020VISION, which represents change for the better, to do more and to be more. The growing presence of our front end and customer engaging team is pivotal in that journey, so with Elsa’s award winning service centric background, I know our customers will be better serviced and truly see the value offered by QTS and its teams.”

Meet Adam Our Head of Sales UK & Ireland

Meet Adam Our Head of Sales UK & Ireland

As the Head of Sales, I will be very much focused in improving links within our market place, whether that involves developing the customer experience, helping in the development of our range of products specific to customer demand. Improving efficiency in dealing with our enquires. All of which aiming to elevate QTS into a position of power within the industry.

I will be managing a team of Regional Account Managers who will be mostly customer facing and reactive to enquiries. In so doing honing their sales ability to achieve market dominance for QTS. In addition to improving links within our customer based to ensure mutual benefits are expedited.

Highlights in my previous role would be, boosting the UK and Irish profile of my previous company. Increasing National turnover, brand awareness and profitability, establishing myself with a new industry within a relatively short period of time.

I wanted to join QTS, as I had identified the company as a rapidly growing force with the industry, emerging for very humble beginnings. I was aware of the widespread appeal for QTS within the industry and the collective diversification of their product lines made them very difficult to compete with. It was this truth which was developing a very loyal customer base which I thought meant that they must be doing something right, and in so doing was propelling QTS towards a very successful future.

Rather than maintaining a structured linear approach like that offered by competitors, they really put the customers needs first and were on hand to adapt the product to suit the application. They seem to have a great formula, which I was eager to become part off.

I think I offer to QTS a wealth of relevant industry knowledge and contacts. I desire to make my mark in the industry by improving the company’s standing reputation and dominance. I processed the drive and determination to succeed in everything I do and am hopeful this desire will filter through to our team, whilst enhancing the customer experience.

“Adam joins the Senior Management Team with a wealth of industry experience, but also the enthusiasm and commitment to service excellence. As QTS enters the next phase of it’s growth plans, Adam will lead a re-structured Regional Account Management Team in achieving exemplary customer service standards and will contribute immensely towards QTS Sales strategy and its execution. Adam is well regarded in the industry and is renowned for providing a great service through a more automated service model, so we’re delighted to welcome Adam on board and utilise Adam’s skill set can be.”

QTS Board of Directors –

UKWA Announcement

UKWA Announcement

QTS is excited to announce its recent Associate membership with the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) and aims to maximise input from its third party membership base and draw own on the organisations wealth of diverse experience, to further drive continual improvements throughout the entire business at QTS HQ.

Having entered 2020 with the now commonly referred to slogan of #QTS2020VISION, QTS and its Senior Leadership Team has further demonstrated its commitment to quality, by teaming up with the leading logistics sector trade organisation, UKWA.

The UKWA is Britain’s leading trade organisation for the logistics sector, with over 700+ members. Members include warehousing and logistics providers, in addition to manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers, with around 100 Associate members who supply products and services to the logistics industry. The UKWA has some of the UK’s biggest names within its membership, not to mention a few global powerhouses.

UKWA aims to achieve its mission by Representing members’ views to government departments and agencies, the European Commission and Parliament and other relevant organisations, actively promoting the warehousing and wider logistics industry, protecting the interest of members by offering effective Conditions of Contract and raising the standards of the industry through training and best practice.


Here’s what our Board of Directors had to say over at QTS HQ:

“QTS is working hard to elevate its profile as the UK market leader in all wire-mesh solutions, not just the easySHELF Wire-Mesh Deck and while this is an extremely ambitious objective, we are committed to driving continued growth through an increasingly wider product range, superior product quality, improved knowledge, and skills training and first-class service. Our membership to the UKWA is a natural step along this journey, but is one that demonstrates our commitment to our objectives, which in turn will ensure our customers receive the very best from QTS, each and every time.”