RackGuardian Anti-Collapse

Unsecured falling objects are a major cause of workplace accidents in warehouse environments, accounting for around 13% of all injuries in the industry according to HSE figures. The Working at Height Regulations mandate that employers should introduce measures to protect employees from suffering injuries caused by falling stock - the following factors have been identified as major causes of such accidents:

  • Items on overstocked shelves being disturbed
  • Items being pushed from the back of a racking location due to overstocking or careless stacking
  • Items falling from pallets during forklift handling

Types of Collapse Incidents

Taking this into account and working alongside our trade partners, QTS have identified two distinct hazards associated with pallet racking: fall-through and fall-out.

  • Fall-through occurs when a pallet is incorrectly loaded onto pallet racking without any deck or other means of pallet support. This could be due to operator error or the use of an inappropriately sized pallet. In cases of fall-through, the pallet falls into the bay between the beams and usually results in the pallet and load coming to rest on the materials stored on lower levels, or goods scattering and falling outside the confines of the racking.
  • Fall-out occurs when a pallet falls from the rear of a single-sided pallet racking run, often into a pedestrian or pick aisle. This is often due to operator error, e.g. when a second pallet is loaded into a full location.

Our Anti-Collapse system will both contain and restrain a dislodged pallet or load drastically reducing the likelihood of injury or damage to property.

Anti-Collapse Mesh

Designed to create a physical barrier between warehouse operatives and dislodged goods, the Rack Guardian Anti-collapse meshed system is a simple modular based anti-collapse solution compatible with all major makes of pallet racking systems.

Easy to install, the pre-drilled mesh panels are simply bolted together and secured to the uprights using a range of universal stand-off brackets. To achieve an optimum fit panels both horizontally and vertically, can be cut to size and finished with a U- profile to enclose exposed wires.

Should the RG anti-collapse system be required to be installed above the racking, various sized RG-extensions can be bolted to create additional height.

Why Anti-Collapse?

  • Retro-fitted or as new
  • Compatible with all makes of racking
  • 8 panel modular system with 6 bracket configurations
  • Constructed from 19mm box section frame with 3mm wire
  • Powder coated RAL 7024 (Graphite Grey)



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About our company

QTS is a leading manufacturer of wire mesh based material handling solutions for the logistics industry. With a history spanning over 10 years, QTS has built up an enviable reputation and remains the specialist mesh manufacturer of choice for pallet racking manufacturers and key distributors across the UK.

All QTS solutions within our three product families, easySHELF, RACKGUARDIAN and storGUARD, meet the most stringent quality and safety standards and have been independently tested to the latest regulations within the industry.