QTS is excited to announce its recent Associate membership with the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) and aims to maximise input from its third party membership base and draw own on the organisations wealth of diverse experience, to further drive continual improvements throughout the entire business at QTS HQ.

Having entered 2020 with the now commonly referred to slogan of #QTS2020VISION, QTS and its Senior Leadership Team has further demonstrated its commitment to quality, by teaming up with the leading logistics sector trade organisation, UKWA.

The UKWA is Britain’s leading trade organisation for the logistics sector, with over 700+ members. Members include warehousing and logistics providers, in addition to manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers, with around 100 Associate members who supply products and services to the logistics industry. The UKWA has some of the UK’s biggest names within its membership, not to mention a few global powerhouses.

UKWA aims to achieve its mission by Representing members’ views to government departments and agencies, the European Commission and Parliament and other relevant organisations, actively promoting the warehousing and wider logistics industry, protecting the interest of members by offering effective Conditions of Contract and raising the standards of the industry through training and best practice.


Here’s what our Board of Directors had to say over at QTS HQ:

“QTS is working hard to elevate its profile as the UK market leader in all wire-mesh solutions, not just the easySHELF Wire-Mesh Deck and while this is an extremely ambitious objective, we are committed to driving continued growth through an increasingly wider product range, superior product quality, improved knowledge, and skills training and first-class service. Our membership to the UKWA is a natural step along this journey, but is one that demonstrates our commitment to our objectives, which in turn will ensure our customers receive the very best from QTS, each and every time.”