In celebration of National Dog Day on the 26th August 2018, Seamus felt that it would be appropriate to inform us of what life is like working as head of security for QTS.

The Interview

What are your main duties in the office?
Aside from supervising at lunchtimes ( my favorite duty), Head of Security is my main priority, and it’s my job to ensure I keep listen out on people coming in and out of the building to prevent any suspicious people from entering the premises and then greeting them with a happy wagging tail. But, sometimes you might get my bark if I’m unsure.

What do you do to keep yourself busy through the day?

Being the head of security, I am always on the listen out – but usually, I will wonder with my paws through bins to see if there is anything interesting in there ( even though I know I shouldn’t go into the bins but I just can’t control myself) I like to also give myself a break now and then and have a little play with some of my squeaky toys such as my monkey – who sadly isn’t around anymore … And of course, I deserve the odd treat now and then but because I’m on a diet I don’t always get the treats. Luckily I have a ‘meeting’ with Shaun – treats are involved but don’t tell anyone shhh…..  QTS is a busy place and everyone is always working so I don’t always get games and fuss but that’s fine as that’s when I take the time to catch up on my sleep.

Would you say your job is important?
Well, of course, because all my employees are super busy all the time it is important I’m there as the office couldn’t function without me. I make sure that everyone has a helping paw when they need it to keep them going throughout the day and cheer them up.


The Day

7:00 am – Around this time I am ready to wake up as my belly knows its breakfast time, but first I expect my morning fuss! I will eat my breakfast then head outside to smell the morning fresh air.

9:00 am- Now, its time to say hello to all my employees by giving them a wag of my tail and a fuss. In this time I will have a play with my human friends and if I’m lucky I might get a treat if I am a good boy.

10:30 am- Monitor all loud noises, passing cars and doors opening as I must keep everyone safe!

11:00 am- Bathroom break! When a dog needs to go he needs to go.

11:30: As well as being the head of security I sometimes help out with digital marketing duties with photographing our products such as the pallet support bars.


12:30 am- Woof! It’s lunchtime! I can’t wait. Give me all the food now… Nom nom nom. This is when I’m carefully observing every bite of food being eaten by my employees to ensure not even a crumb is left on the ground, preventing any insect invasions of course.

Today I was allowed a big juicy bone!!!!!


1:00 pm- After all that hard work sniffing for crumbs to keep the office clean it is time for a mid-day nap as it is important I get my beauty sleep.

2:00 pm- I’m up, I’m awake! Time to check up on how my employees are going and maybe some back scratches and more belly rubs too?

 2:30 pm- I know what time it is and I never forget. I get to go outside with my owner for a walk around the park. Running through the grass and best of all back rubs on the grass is the best – my life couldn’t get much better than this!


3:00 pm-  Well that was exhausting. Around this time I am back in the office and settling down on my bed for another nap time… Zzzzz

4:00 pm- I now need attention, must find humans for cuddles.

5:00 pm- Woohoo, it’s home time. What a fun day at work I’ve had. I accomplished SO much today! I can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow

5:30 pm – Finally home and that only means one thing… DINNER TIME!

8:00 pm – It is time I relax my paws and put my head down for the night and dream about my next day at work.

So, there you have it. A typical day in the life of our Head of Security Seamus at QTS!