Pallet Racking is a popular and effective method to have a wider storage amount in many warehouses. Pallet Racking is designed to store your pallets. The racking is a fixed or adjustable framework which is designed to support loads and to add a larger amount of storage to your warehouse and also increase your ability to pick your products easier and faster.  As easy as it may sound to install the frames and beams, it’s also important to know the needs of pallet supports or wire decks to help you decide which is the best option for you.

Pallet Support Bars

The first method that we recommend to you is our Pallet Support Bars which provides sufficient support for your pallets. This is usually done by placing two pallet supports under each pallet position, but we sometimes recommend adding more depending on the weight of the pallet that you would be storing. The purpose of the pallet support bars is for the pallets to sit in or on the load beams to give the pallet more of a support structure to rest on perfect for extra safety.  This is perfect for a pallet that isn’t in great condition to be placed on the support bars.

If your a type of business who will be storing pallets of all different sizes and weights the pallet support bars can be placed and sized to your requirements. But, if you are storing a pallet that is a lot smaller than the frame depth, the pallet will be resting entirely on the pallet supports – which means this shouldn’t be happening! If this is the case it is important you get the correct size of the pallet support bars so they can carry the full pallet weight.

Although Pallet Support Bars are very handy they also have their downside – pallet supports still leave a large opening for loose pallet pieces or products to fall through. With items falling through the pallet support bars it also creates a big hazard to below this could be passing people or damage to other products or pallets below. This is where Wire Mesh Decking comes into this blog.

Wire Mesh Decking

Wire Mesh Decking is something that is placed on the top of the pallet support bars and is important is any selective pallet racking system. The Wire Decking is made up of two components which are the support channel, which rest on the loading beams which provides a support very similar to how the pallet support would, then we have the wire mesh, which provides additional coverage across the support bars to create a complete shelf between each beam. They are also used to catch any broken pallet uses or loose goods to stop them falling through onto lower shelving levels or causing injury to people passing.

If you are wanting to provide a more uniform support than just the pallet supports then the wire mesh decking is the way to go and also perfect for any pallet racking system. The Wire mesh decking provides that extra support to the weak or damaged pallets and also provides the versatility to store cases that are not palletized too. We guess you have heard of plywood decking before and yes the wire mesh decking and the plywood decking have the same purpose and gives off the same support. But, wire mesh decking is preferred by many warehouses and fire inspectors too since they allow sprinklers to spray through the decks to the lower racking levels. We will tell you now, wire mesh decking can sometimes be a tiny bit more expensive than plywood decking by creates a safer and more versatile storage surface – which one would you prefer cheaper but dangerous, or more expensive but a lot safer?

It’s an easy answer.

We now hope you have all the information you need about how to choose the right support for your pallet racking if you are still unsure or need any more advice from us then please contact us today!