Hello to all you wonderful people in the warehouse land, the hard-working unsung heroes of storage. In this article, we are going to look at the types of wire mesh decks and their size which will make your life easier when it comes to ordering brand new wire mesh decks and the pitfalls of assuming … it’s just a mesh deck. It’s not rocket science than a week later the whole top-level folds in.

Trust me it happens. of course, when it does it is usually because the wrong specs have been given or some minor details omitted wasn’t so minor after all, like weight pointing loading.

Here at QTS Ltd, we have put together a useful guide to what it is you need to consider when getting the right mesh deck for the right job. And, don’t worry we manufacturer all types of wire mesh decks meaning we have got you covered.

1. Type Of Load Being Stored?

The first and most obvious question is, what products are being stored on the mesh deck? Is it a pallet, small lose goods, or perhaps barrel storage with a liquid load, or something completely different? This is critical as this will determine the type of EasySHELF© Mesh Deck that is best for your storage and racking system. You cannot simply choose the decking based on the advertised load rated capacity. There is a range of factors that go into the design of our Mesh Decks such as the wire thickness, wire aperture ( the space of the gaps), number of support bars, waterfall directions, all of which are calculated by use when we design your EasySHELF© Mesh Decks.


2. What Are The Product Dimensions Of What’s Being Stored?

Another aspect of the type of loads that you are storing that we will need to know is the overall dimensions and weights. It is key to note if the item will be point loaded (when the loaded weight is concentrated on specific points) or line load ( when the loaded weight is parallel to the support bars) on the mesh deck. If there is a point loading or line loading, be sure to note exactly where it will occur, or the mesh deck can be designed to give the most support in those areas to prevent bowing and folding.

3. What Is The Type Of Pallet Rack/ Beam Do You Have?

Our EasySHELF© Mesh Decks are designed to fit almost any pallet racking system out there. But, the most important thing is knowing the type of beams that are used in your racking, since this will be where the mesh deck will contact the rack and bare the weight across the beams. There is a range of types of beams out there including:


Telling us which type of beam you’re using will allow QTS to select the correct number of support bars along with any requirements for waterfalls.

4. Do You Need A Waterfall?

So, let’s start off knowing what a waterfall wire deck is. A waterfall is basically the edge of the mesh deck, which offers both support and safety by anchoring against the beam whilst presenting a curved edge of entry. Below are listed the variations of waterfalls and the beams they best suit:

Exterior Waterfall: This is one of the most common and is seen in more warehouses and manufacturing setting. The wire decks sit on the step beam and the wire overhangs both front and back beams by roughly 1.5″,


Internal Waterfall: As above the difference is the waterfall which is sitting on the step beam levels. The beam faces unobstructed for labels and barcodes.


Flat/Flush Finish: There is no outside waterfall. The wire deck is contained within the rack structure. The Flat/Flush deck is designed for installation with box beams to create a flat decking level.


Reverse Waterfall/ Back Stop: It is possible to have an outside waterfall presented at the front pointing down and the rear of the mesh decks wire is pointing up to act as a backstop.


5. Is Your Pallet Racking Inside or Outside / Damp Conditions

Lastly but not least, where is your pallet racking situated? Is it a nice dry warehouse or perhaps it’s outside in the rain or would it be in a chilled goods environment? These are important factors as this will dictate the type of finish you will need – maybe you might consider getting a galvanized finish? There are many finishes out there including powder coating, which QTS can offer a full RAL colour service with our very own Powder Coating Plant Facility. We can offer you any colour you could possibly want. All you need to do is to ask us.

6. Get the EasySHELF© Mesh Deck You Nedd

If you need help discussing any of the above options or would like more information about choosing the right EasySHELF© Mesh Deck. Please feel free to give us a call on 01455 633567 and let us guide you through your next pallet racking Mesh Deck project.