different designs to tailor your  application

EasySHELF Wire Mesh Decks are a low weight, high-strength wire mesh decking system that is suitable for storing palletised goods or single units in a safe way. Constructed from fusion welded steel in various configurations, the EASYshelf as standard is 70% permeable therefore reducing the gathering of dust, whilst at the same time allowing light and water from sprinklers to penetrate lower levels. Designed with a 38mm waterfall design front and rear the EasySHELF is secured safely into place with no additional fixings for rapid and straightforward installations.

Improved Light Levels

Allows light to penetrate to lower rack levels creating a brighter and efficient warehouse.

Easy to Install

Fast and easy to install with no tools, fixing or fastenings required.

Improved Fire Safety

Enables the use of ESFR sprinkler systems, reducing costs and insurance premiums.

Tested & Certified

Independently tested and certified to guarantee load classifications.


cost savings compared to industry standard


reduces the force to slide a 16kg boxes compared to chipboard


open area allowing better warehouse environment and safety


reduction in displacement



Deck Design

EasySHELF has a wide range of deck design tailored to your specific application. Each one of the deck designs is suitable for a range of storing opinions.

Mesh Aperture

EasySHELF is available in a range of mesh apertures with a 70% permeable surface, therefore, reducing the gathering of dust, whilst at the same time allowing light to penetrate lower levels.


Maximise load capacity and strength capability, with a range of supports including: flared supports, box section and reinforced rods.


Available in a range of finishes including Bright zinc plate, powder coated and hot dipped galvanized or plastic coated for outdoor use.

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