Pallet Support Bars


EASYBars™ are a specialist range support bars exclusively available from QTS. This sturdy support system can be used with all major pallet racking beams, allowing it to meet the requirements of any warehouse or storage facility.

Requirements of course vary from company to company, EASYBars™ can be custom build to suit your needs as specified. Any dimensions and weight loading specifications can be met, either from our selection of commonly used sizes which are held in stock at all times or through a bespoke design created especially for you!

Our pallet support bars are a great way to take some of the weight from pallets on your racking. We have three different types of pallet support bars, each one with their uses.

Pallet support bars are used to support extra heavy loads or non-standard sized pallets. The bars span across the frames supported at each end of the beam.

The structure has been designed to have its top surface approximately flush with the beams and they can be used as a secondary support member for pallets or shelving.


About the System

easyBARS stand out over regular support bars for a number of reasons. They are supplied with a pre-drilled locating hole in the front – a simple feature, but one that is rarely found in competitor’s system. The box sections are fully welded rather than pre-formed, giving them enhanced structural integrity and durability.

With beams sections from 40-50mm and a selection of surface finishes and colour available, easyBARS are the perfect pallet support solution for any scenario- including unusual and uneven loads. For low quality or damaged pallets, we recommend using mesh deck.



Top quality made from heavy-duty steel for that added strength.



A great way to take some of the weight from pallets on your racking.


Cost Effective

The most cost-effective solution for the majority of warehouses storing a variety of goods.


Safe Storage

Fork entry bars to allow safe storage of non-palletised products.

The easyBAR Range

We have a range of easyBARS Pallet Support Bars which different application needs and perfect for different industry. No matter what your need to store we will  have the right solution for you. 

Standard Pallet Support Bar

Standard easyBARS provide exceptionally safe pallet positioning and storage – they are specialised to specifically support pallets and fix them in position, reducing the risk of accidents caused by falling stock.

Raised Pallet Support Bar

Raised easyBARS are specially designed to store sheet and plant materials which may not require a pallet. The design leaves a space beneath the stock to allow fork entry, so that fork trucks can gain access easily and lift stock from the supports without issue.

Stillage Feet Pallet Support Bar

Stillage supports from QTS provide a strong and sturdy solution for stillage storage. As stillages are frequently too small to be supported by generic racks, a storage channel will prove invaluable in increasing your secure stillage storage capacity.

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