Mesh Dividers

Mesh Dividers

easyDIVIDERS™ are used to separate your stored items and to be able to create smaller shelf locations by compartmentalising the storage level. 

QTS dividers have transformed a standard mesh deck into a form of picking areas in warehouses and stock rooms. easyDIVIDERS™ is a unique and adjustable system which has been designed to fit any standard pallet racking or long span shelving and also can be custom-built to suit any warehouse requirements. 

The dividers are clipped underneath the deck, enabling the individual divider to be positioned according to the customer’s specific 

Our mesh dividers are designed to suit your specific application and are available in a range of styles, finishes, and colours. 

Racking bays often need segregating to improve efficiencies and maximise space within a warehouse or picking area.

To help mitigate stock getting mixed and loads becoming unstable QTS can provide dividers for splitting beam levels into separated stock locations. Simple to install dividers, clip straight onto QTS mesh decks. Available in 3 or 4mm diameter wires.



Suitable for all applications, budgets and storage needs.


Fast Installation

Fast and easy to attached. Compatible with major wire mesh decks. 



easyDIVIDER™ is a modular system which can be attached to a range of mesh decks. 



Made for strength making the easyDivider™ long lasting.

The easyDIVIDER™ Range

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