In the ever-evolving landscape of UK manufacturing and production, adherence to international standards is not just beneficial; it’s imperative for sustaining business growth and ensuring customer trust.

At QTS, our commitment to maintaining the highest standards is demonstrated through our rigorous compliance with ISO9001 and EN1090 certifications. This blog delves into how these certifications shape our operations and bolster our reputation as an industry leader.

Understanding ISO9001 and EN1090

ISO9001 is a global standard for quality management systems (QMS). It provides a framework for companies to ensure consistent quality in their services and products while fostering continuous improvements. On the other hand, EN1090 certification is crucial for companies involved in the fabrication of steel and aluminium components, as it pertains to meeting safety requirements and compliance with European legislation on structural components.

Both these standards are pivotal in the industry because they reassure clients that a certified company adheres to internationally recognised levels of quality and safety.

QTS’s Journey to Accreditation

Achieving ISO9001 and EN1090 was a deliberate stride towards enhancing our operational excellence. The journey involved a comprehensive audit of our processes, training programs, and quality control measures to ensure they met stringent standards. It was a transformative process that aligned every aspect of our operations with best practices in production and management.

Benefits of Being ISO9001 and EN1090 Certified

  • Quality Guaranteed: ISO9001 helps us ensure that all our products and services consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements. It has instilled a quality management system that promotes a systematic approach to managing our processes for continuous improvement.
  • Enhanced Safety: EN1090 certification assures our clients that our fabricated steel and aluminium components are fit for purpose and comply with all current EU legislative requirements. This is crucial, especially for clients involved in high-stakes industries where safety is paramount.
  • Market Credibility: Holding these accreditations positions QTS as a trustworthy partner. Our commitment to upholding these standards is a testament to our reliability and professionalism, distinguishing us in competitive markets.
  • Compliant Bespoke Solutions: These accreditations, specifically EN1090, allow QTS to manufacture bespoke solutions that meet your customer’s needs whilst complying with safety standards.
  • Efficiency in Operations: These standards streamline our operations and reduce waste, leading to more efficient production cycles. They enable us to manage and mitigate risks effectively, ensuring operational resilience.

Future Outlook as Part of the UK Manufacturing Industry

Our journey doesn’t end with obtaining these certifications; it is an ongoing process of improvement. QTS is dedicated to staying ahead of industry developments, continuously enhancing our systems and contributing to the UK manufacturing industry. We are committed to re-evaluating our processes and training our staff to exceed the standards set by ISO9001 and EN1090, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed your and your customer’s expectations with every product and service.

Posted on 5 July 2024 in Product Design