Wire mesh security cages and warehouse partitioning systems have multiple uses in warehouses, factories, and other commercial units. Usually, their primary purpose is safety and security. This blog will look at the types of secure cages and mesh partitions available and suggest some of their uses.

What are wire mesh security cages and warehouse partitioning systems?

Comprised of panels, posts and doors, a security cage or steel partitioning creates restricted access areas for quarantine goods, hazardous substances, or high-value items.

Our storGUARD™ system has been designed with security at the forefront of its functionality. The QTS wire mesh cages and partitions are steel mesh panels created from 2.8mm wire mesh configured in either 50x50mm or 25x25mm mesh apertures. These are welded to a 20x20mm box section frame providing rigidity to the structure. The panels are then secured to 60x60mm posts using our easy-to-use clip that holds them securely in place.

The three main uses for security cages and partitions are:

  1. Security cages for high-value items
  2. Aerosol cages (gas bottle security cage)
  3. Machinery guarding (steel partitioning around areas of potentially hazardous machinery)

Security cages for high-value items

Unfortunately, theft is a problem you or your customer may have to deal with in their warehouse space. The most common use for our storGUARD™ cages is to secure high-value items or high-value assets like forklifts. 

The completely modular system allows the cage or partition to be any size that is required, with multiple door and lock options for varying levels of security. Our lock partners, Gatemaster, offer several options, from a standard key lock mechanism through to digital locks on one side to quick release on the other.

Aerosol cages 

Aerosol cages (or a gas bottle security cage as they are otherwise known) are characterised by smaller aperture panels designed to store pressurised canisters, for example, the storage of deodorant cans. The smaller aperture mesh is used to help stop pieces of the container from flying out and causing harm to the people around it in the event of an explosion. These are a must-have for most insurance companies if you are storing any pressurised containers.

The main difference between the standard storGUARD™ system and our aerosol solution is the mesh aperture. We have replaced the regular 50mm x 50mm mesh with 25mm x 25mm. The design is in line with the RC19 recommendations for the storage of aerosol products.

Partitions around areas of machinery

Machinery in factory spaces obviously creates a potential hazard for anyone who can access the factory. An easy way to avoid accidents and create a safe environment is to install a mesh partition around specific machinery or areas of machinery that pose a risk. These areas, like the secure cages, can also have added security by adding a locking option that will only allow access to authorised personnel.

The QTS storGUARD range – A modular and kit-based system.

At QTS, we have designed our storGUARD™ mesh partitions and cages to be a completely modular system:

      • We have 3 set panel widths (700mm, 1200mm & 1500mm) that come in 2 heights (1100mm & 2200mm) that can be mixed and matched to suit your requirements.
      • Our standard posts (at 2200mm high) come as a package with the fixtures and fittings required to attach the panels.
      • Swing and sliding doors are available as single or double doors.
      • You can then choose from a range of add-ons such as locking options, a post splice kit to increase the height and even add a roof.

Of course, our design team are always on hand to assist with creating your cage. All you need to do is send in an enquiry, and we will get back to you wither either a concept or a quote.

Posted on 7 July 2021 in storGUARD™ Mesh Partition & Cages