The Made in Group came about from an editorial campaign created to challenge the destruction of British Industry through of succession of poor decisions by UK government. The Made in Group is made up of Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire. A group created to challenge the status quo abut how people think about British industry and ensure the sector is connected and informed. As of today, the Made in Group is of of the fastest growing membership groups in the UK with more than 500 members.

QTS Ltd are proud members of Made in the Midlands. We are eager to shout about the importance of British industry whenever possible. As members of the Made in Group, we believe it opens communication between us and other businesses in manufacturing. This puts us in the position of being able to learn from one another and build a network. This is something we believe will add value to our customers further down the line.

The importance of British Industry

Manufacturing in the UK accounts for £191 billion output, with a 7% growth over the last five years. This industry provides 2.7 million jobs to people all over the UK, with wages 13% higher on average than the rest of the economy.  The East Midlands makes up £16.9 billion of that figure, providing 291,000 jobs. With the West Midlands outputting £221 billion and employing 304,000 people.

Looking at The Manufacturer’s 2020 Annual Manufacturing Report, we are welcoming in an era of business transformation. UK manufacturers are ready to embrace change, looking at their agility and responsiveness to many and varied challenges in the world of today. We know what it’s like to welcome this change at QTS, from business restructure to organizational culture, to technology.

Welcoming change

Welcoming this change is a project of our Managing Director, Craig De-Lara. QTS is building on its long-standing success. We will benefit from continued experience, fresh enthusiasm and being challenged from an outside perspective. These changes are for the benefit of our customers, and we have a real passion to see this project to completion.

This on-going revitalization is bringing an opportunity for the team to grow, with several new faces having joined us already this year.

Made Futures

Craig De-Lara has been invited to be a panelist at Made Futures. This is  “Meet Britain’s Makers” event on the 24th of March. This is a fantastic opportunity to represent not just QTS, but British industry. We are sure there will be plenty to talk about!

This event is also an opportunity for job seekers to get an idea of what skills the industry is looking for right now, with QTS actively seeking candidates.

The “Meet Britain’s Makers” event will be a virtual event. A panel of experts can share their own career stories, followed by the opportunity to ask questions. If you’d like to attend the event you can find more information and add the event to your calendar.





Posted on 26 February 2021 in Company News