According to the estate agents Savills, warehouse storage now accounts for 566 million square feet of the UK. The last 5 years have seen the most rapid increase in unit takeup in history. The UK’s warehouse space shortage can be attributed to two main factors: the explosive growth of online shopping and the combined impact of the EU Exit and the COVID-19 pandemic. These forces have accelerated the need for transport and storage solutions, challenging businesses to find new ways to meet demand.

Why Optimising Warehouse Space is Important

Saving Money:

Effective use of warehouse space translates into savings. By optimising layout and storage methods, companies can minimize wasted space and reduce operational costs.

Increasing Productivity:

Improved storage solutions lead to a more streamlined workflow. This boosts employee productivity by enabling quicker access to items and more efficient use of space.

Strategies to Increase Warehouse Storage Capacity

Utilizing Central Ridge Decks

Central Ridge Decks provide a highly practical solution for those looking to maximize the efficiency of their storage space. By enabling loading from both sides of the pallet racking without pushing items off, it provides a stable platform to keep items separated and organized. This approach allows warehouse staff to access products easily from either side of the bay and helps in reducing product mix-ups, contributing to a smoother operational flow.

Extending Storage with Racking Extensions

The demand for increased warehouse space often leads to innovative solutions. One such method is extending storage with Racking Extensions. By extending anti-collapse mesh beyond the top of the racking, it becomes safe to utilize the top beam level, drastically increasing available space. This creative use of vertical space makes it possible to store more goods without expanding the warehouse footprint, making it a cost-effective solution.

Organising Existing Storage Levels Using easyDIVIDER™

Organisation is key in warehouse management, and tools like easyDIVIDER™ offer effective solutions. These dividers help to segment and organise storage levels, ensuring that everything is in its right place. Whether using wire pallet rack dividers or fabricated pallet rack dividers, the easyDIVIDER™ system helps to keep inventory orderly and accessible, leading to quicker fulfilment and reduced errors.

Storing Long Items Upright with Vertical Pallet Racking Dividers

Long items can be a challenge to store efficiently. Utilizing vertical pallet racking dividers provides a simple yet effective solution. By storing long items upright, more bays become available for other storage needs. This approach not only maximizes space but also makes inventory management more streamlined, ensuring that long items are easily accessible and properly protected.

The Future of the Warehousing Sector

The growth of the UK warehousing sector stands as a nationwide success story, supporting online retailers, manufacturers, and logistics companies. Research from Forrester and Savills indicates that by 2025, an additional 64 million sq ft of warehouse space will be needed for the online retail sector alone. Whilst this looks great for businesses in those industries, it is not always easy for SMEs to make large investments like renting an additional warehouse. So, making use of some of the tactics above may help to give them some breathing space to continue flourishing.

The way we approach warehouse storage is evolving. With the challenges presented by the current market landscape, innovative solutions like easySHELF™ and easyDIVIDER™ become vital in increasing storage capacity, saving costs, and enhancing efficiency.

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