Pallet support bars have been growing in popularity due to being a cost-effective and versatile way to store palletised goods safely. But what actually are they and why could they be a good option for your pallet racking system?

Pallet support bars are steel bars that run adjacent to your pallet racking beams. These are usually attached to the beam in a similar way to wire mesh decks. A waterfall-style c-cup that hooks over the top of the racking beam, holding it in place.

What are pallet support bars used for?

The primary use of pallet support bars is, as the name suggests, to provide additional support to pallets on racking systems. The cross-beam support bars assist operatives and provide an extra level of safety for the loading of racking systems with pallets. Additionally, pallet support bars can protect against broken pallets and allow you to store non-standard pallet sizes.


Extra support

Provides additional support in case of damaged or broken pallets.


The most cost-effective solution for storing heavy palletised goods or for storing non-standard pallets.

Quality materials

Made from top-quality sourced materials to provide strength & longevity.

Fast installation

The c-cups simply sit over the beam tops and remain in place.

Variations of pallet support bars:

Pallet support bars come in various designs to suit different uses in your racking system. Here are a few of the common solutions and why they are useful:

Standard pallet support bars

The standard support bar is a 50mmx50mm box section made from 3mm steel that sits between the racking beams, flat to the beam level.

Raised pallet support bars

Featuring a 100mmx50mm box section, the easyBAR™ raised support bars have been designed to make it easier and safer for forklift operatives. Unlike the standard version, the raised pallet support bars sit above the beam. When loaded, there will be a 100mm gap between the top of the beam and the bottom of the pallet. The extra room makes them much more suitable for forklift use.

Garment rails

The garment rail is the perfect alternative to our standard Box section support bars. It is a superb solution for when you required to hang up garments using clothes hangers.

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Posted on 1 November 2022 in easyBAR™ Pallet Support Bars