We have built an array of knowledge and insight, and we want nothing better than to showcase this all.

There are many elements to our business and many areas that we’re involved within. For each aspect shown below, different skills and responsibilities are demonstrated by us here at QTS.

Please do take some time out to absorb, relate to and understand the many different dimensions to our business.

As ever, we’ll be on hand to fill in the blanks for you

Anti-Collapse – Product Range

Built to safeguard your goods and exceed the demands of any warehouse operation, presenting our RACKGuardian.

Wire Mesh Decks – Product Range

View the components and main uses for our wire mesh decking solution, which is our EASYShelf.

Steel Security Partitions – Product Range

Underestimating the significance of high-level security is risky. See how our STORGuard creates secure zones within a warehouse.

Mesh Dividers – Product Range

Discover how we’ve transformed a mesh deck into segregated storage structure. Innovation found here with our EASYDividers.

Pallet Support Bars – Product Range

Showing our most exclusive and specialist range available, EASYBars can be used by all major pallet racking beams.

Retail & E-commerce – Industry

When dealing with fast moving consumer goods, fast is of course the operative word. But what’s changing?

Logistics – Industry

Things don’t always go according to plan when you’re involved within a supply chain. Are there ways to improve this?

Pharmaceuticals – Industry

When dealing with vital and invaluable goods, comes huge responsibility. What makes this industry so unique?

Automotive – Industry

Take a trip to see what’s going on within this industry and see what the futures may hold.

Food & Beverage – Industry

Here, you’ll find some information to digest and broaden your understanding.


Organisations have a variety of responsibilities; but not many more important than environmental factors.

Health & Safety in the Warehouse

It’s unquestionably beneficial to understand warehouse health and safety implications, and how it can be a crucial help for you.

About Our Story

Come see how and why it all began. Sometimes you need a little introduction to get the ball rolling.

Fire Safety

View some perspective, and observe how our wire mesh decking contributes to minimalizing warehouse fire risk.

Improve Warehouse Efficiency 

There is no specific secret to this… but we’ve prepared some helpful steps to take that can help you improve.


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