storGUARD™ 2.0, It’s storGUARD™, Just Better!!

storGUARD™ 2.0, It’s storGUARD™, Just Better!!

storGUARD™ 2.0, so what’s all the fuss? Well, storGUARD™  marks a sign of intent, the wise and constructive spoken words of QTS Ltd customers which acted as the catalyst for its creation, a redesign that was voted by those who matter and now it’s here as a sign of everything that QTS Ltd stands for, a solution with you in mind and a key part of #QTS2020VISION, our company improvement strategy when

Casting our minds back 6 months and the business knew improvements were required to springboard storGUARD™ 2.0 into a dominant figure within the wire-mesh partitioning and secure cage market.

Our Research & Development (R&D) Team set upon a mission to improve the existing storGUARD™ range and following months of customer interaction and feedback, the objective was clear, it was to provide a high-quality product with industry standards in mind, simple in its handling and adaptable in its modular construction while improving installation times and maintaining its great value for money.

With the design objectives met, the improvements were exactly what QTS Ltd and its customers wanted.

storGUARD™ 2.0 was born and now it’s HERE!


High Quality

QTS Partners with LOCINOX

What better way to enhance quality, than to partner with industry-leading companies. QTS Ltd can announce an exciting partnership with LOCINOX, who are a leading manufacturer of high-quality mechanical and electro-mechanical components.

This newfound partnership ensures QTS Ltd can deliver at the highest levels, offering multiple locks, hinge and gate closers options with 100% confidence, using the very best materials and providing that perfect solution for your needs.


Staple & Hasp             1AKQU3 Standard Lock             LMKQV2 Code Lock           LSKZU2 Sliding  Lock             Push Pad  Lock


Powerful Legs of a Runner, Durable Feet of a Hiker

With quality in mind, the post and footplate redesign includes more material, increasing stability, durability and the all-round quality of storGUARD™ 2.0.

The post now boats a sturdy 60×60 profile with 20% added material and the footplate benefits from thicker material and a series of folds that add both strength and improved aesthetics.

Powder Coated Finish

All storGUARD™ 2.0 products are powder coated in our UK manufacturing facility, ensuring a consistent finish is applied.

Our Quality Assurance Team makes sure every product meets the highest standards before they are despatched. A standard Grey (RAL 7035) is applied to all posts and panels, while clips and hinges create contrast with a Black (RAL 9005) finish as standard. Other colours are available on request.


Industry Standards

Panel Sizes

To improve both delivery costs and retrofit installations, the business decision was made to do away with the historically awkward panel sizes, such as 1473, 1173 & 673mm wide.

storGUARD™ 2.0 now offers industry-standard panel sizes, with full and half standard panels available for ease of ordering and installation.


Simple Modular Design

The simple modular design makes ordering nightmares a thing of the past. Simply pick your panel size, a mesh aperture from 2 standard options, select a door from single or double swing, and slide, choose your lock option from a great product range and finish it all with a roof… or not, it’s your choice, but it couldn’t be easier.


Single Tier                             Double Tier                         Partition with                 Three-Sided Cage                Four-Sided Cage
Partition                                  Partition                            Access Gate                  With Access Gate                 Access Gate


Mesh Apertures

Standard mesh apertures are available in 25x25mm pattern and 50x50mm are on offer for increased security and the storage of aerosols, meaning our storGUARD™ 2.0 is fully compliant to RC19: Recommendations for the storage of Aerosol Products, with self-closing doors available and a range of suitable locks for when the cage is not in use.


25×25 Mesh                   50×50 Mesh

Doors, Doors, Doors

The new storGUARD™ 2.0  now comes with a variety of door options to suit your needs, check out some of the standard doors you can choose from here:


Single Swing Door              Double Swing Door            Single Slide Door           Double Slide Door


Simple Locking-Cassette System

The newly designed door also benefits from added material, increasing the previous 20x20mm frame to a whopping 25x50mm as standard, the door design also allows for easy lock selection.

Simply choose your door size and type, followed by your lock option and we’ll send them both right to your chosen location when they can be assembled in 2 minutes and if you require a lock upgrade or replacement in future, then simply call our team and we can send you a lock of your choice without ever having to change the door.


Cassette In Position            Remove Fixings & Cassette             Slide  in Cassette                        Add Fixings


Reduced Installation Times

Easy Panel Clip System

You wanted reduced installation times and now you have them!!

Our easy panel clip system is proven to reduce installation times by 25%, saving both time and money, not to mention they look great.


In-Line Clip                         Four-Way Clip


Great Value for Money

Delivery Costs Halved

storGUARD™ 2.0 is better than ever before and the great thing is it doesn’t cost you a penny more on like for like standard products.

All that value for money and that’s not even the half of it, getting your storGUARD™ 2.0 wire-mesh partitions or secure cage system delivered to you is easy and now it costs half the price, as our redesign process means you only need half the space and half the cost.

Speak to a member of our team today by contacting us!