Great news! QTS standard sizes of wire mesh decks are now in stock and we are able to offer these decks on a 7-10 day lead time!

Our range of easySHELF™ quick stock decks has been created to suit the most common sizes of racking available and are available on much shorter lead times.

Availability is limited and quantity restrictions apply per order, but we plan to increase our stock levels each week, so contact your Account Manager for a quote now and see how we can support your project on faster lead times.

QS.105.KAZ.906X1324.3AF 906 1324 up to 1000kg
QS.105.KAZ.1106X1080.3AF 1106 1080 up to 1000kg
QS.105.KAZ.1106X1104.3AF 1106 1104 up to 1000kg
QS.105.KAZ.1106X1190.3AF 1106 1190 up to 1000kg
QS.105.KAZ.1106X1324.3AF 1106 1324 up to 1000kg
QS.105.KAZ.1106X1324.4AF 1106 1324 up to 1500kg


Alternatively, contact the sales team here