Warehouse project management can be an extremely daunting task. A large project with loads of moving parts can create a highly stressful situation. Unlike ordering your decks from a manufacturer overseas, QTS pride themselves on delivering quality service to all of our customers, no matter the size of the order. Over the past year, QTS have developed a projects team that see through large orders or ones with unusually challenging design specifications. Here is how it works…

QTS’ Project Management Process:

In the initial consultation phase, our team will begin by understanding your requirements. This can take numerous forms, whether this is over the phone, an email or from a site visit, we will do everything we can to get the best understanding possible to give you the most satisfaction.

As part of the design phase, the projects team will liaise with our designers to help find the most suitable and cost-effective solution, even if this means designing and manufacturing something that is totally one of a kind. For all our enquiries, we are able to make samples of the product to make sure it is suitable for its use. This is a process we can do far quicker than most, as we have our own manufacturing facility in the UK.

At the quotation stage, your account manager will work with the projects team to provide a quote and technical drawing that match the design specified.

Project Management:
Once approved, your quotation will be passed on to the planning team. Depending on the size of the project and your specific delivery requirements, your product will be placed into our planning schedule, where our project management team will monitor every step. In many instances, you will have organised installers to complete your project; however, this is something that we can assist with if required.

Delivery :
With large projects, it’s often the case that you do not require or cannot facilitate all the products arriving on site, at the same time. Where that is the case, the projects team will work with you to create a delivery schedule for the various phases of your project, making it as easy for your customer as possible.

After Service Care
Following delivery of your project, our team will continue to support you in any way possible, as part of our efforts to be the trade partner of choice in the industry.

If you have recently had a large warehouse project land on your desk, why not see how QTS could help? Contact us today: http://www.qts-ltd.co.uk/contact-us/