According to the estate agents Savills, warehouse space now accounts for 566 million square feet of the UK. The last 5 years have seen the most rapid increase in unit take up in history. This has stemmed from the shift in consumer behaviour towards online retail. Whilst consumer trends suggested this would be the case, the covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst that has led to this shortage. It is predicted that online retail will account for 35% of all retail by7 2025. This would mean that the UK would need to find an additional 64m square feet of warehouse space to cope with demand. The shortage of warehouse space is a problem that is not far away so it is best to get ahead of it.

The effects of Warehouse space shortages

In the short term, we are very close to Christmas. Supply chain managers from some of the biggest retails are already expressing concern over getting supply in on time . One of the biggest causes for this is the importation of containers into UK ports. This has all been driven by a lack of lorry drivers in the UK which has led to the build up of goods in warehouses.

Whilst small businesses will not be able to buy in containers following their prices rising by over 550%, big retailers like Amazon are able to continue to buy in goods. They are also able to offer over the odds to pay for the lorry drivers and warehouse staff that everyone else is short on. In the long term this could push out new and small online retailers as they can’t get product to their customers on time.

How can QTS help increase your warehouse storage?

  1. Central ridge decks allow you to utilise both sides of the racking bay when you are storing smaller boxes or items. The ridge that runs along the centre of the bay provides a barrier and a guide to the operatives that stops products getting muddled up whilst maximising the space. It will also mean that all products will be accessible as you can access the bay from either size.
  2. Whilst QTS don’t provide Moving racking systems, we do provide anti-collapse mesh which is vital for the safety of your staff and products. A heavily loaded rack is already a potentially dangerous structure but adding movement to it adds another risk factor. Improperly loaded goods are much more likely to tumble in comparison to a static racking system.
  3. QTS also have an extension kit that can be added onto the top of your racking system allowing you to store goods at height. There is a high chance that you are currently limited by the top of your racking not being able to have the safety element attached to it.  An additional level on all your existing racking would drastically increase your available space.


If you are having issues with a shortage of warehouse space or want to get ahead of the trend, get in touch with the team today for a solution.