Finding and implementing the most suitable solution for your warehouse is paramount to its performance. There are plenty of innovative space planners that will design your warehouse to optimise capacity and productivity. However, we know it isn’t always easy to source a manufacturer to produce these in time for a deadline. This is where QTS can help.

Bespoke solutions from QTS:

British manufacturing:

The biggest benefit to choosing QTS is that we manufacture and design everything from our factory in Nottinghamshire. With the decline of British industry many years ago, many companies outsource to countries in Eastern Europe and Asia. Whilst this used to be a cheap alternative, the landscape we once knew has changed following Brexit and corona virus. This has led to a drastic increase in logistics costs and a decrease in availability. Fortunately for customers of QTS, we can manufacture all our products and a wide range of bespoke designs all from our factory. This means a reduced lead time and a more cost-effective solution for your project.

This year QTS have partnered with the Made In the Midlands group. Their aim is to support the British industry and hopefully bring back manufacturing to the UK. This is  a great resource if you are looking for a manufacturer close to home with hundreds of companies listed.

Industry experience and a dedicated design team:

Amongst our team QTS have a lot of experience within the industry. Some members of our team have been with QTS for over 10 years. This means they are used to thinking outside of the box but at the same time they know exactly how to make the solution as cost effective as possible for our customer. Our design team also includes a full time CAD (computer aided design) technician who can provide detailed drawings and renders of the proposed product before you approve it. In addition to this, they are responsible for the design of new and old QTS products and have a lot of experience in product design. This means if you cannot come up with a solution yourself, then you can give QTS a brief and we will try and solve it for you. Along with a design team, bespoke projects like this will often get referred to our projects team who will ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

We come across bespoke products on a daily basis. Here are some common adaptations that QTS have previously completed:

  • Double deep decks that span across 2 bays.
  • Specifically coloured powder coating finish.
  • Mesh decks with thicker wire or additional support bars to support heavy loads.
  • Moveable mesh dividers that run along a rail making the space extremely versatile.
  • Varieties of mesh apertures for various uses.
  • Point load solutions, including stillages and more Reduced apertures to reduce imprint on heavier boxed goods
  • Overhand and upstanding solutions
  • Unusual depths and widths

So, if you have a bespoke product in mind or a problem that you can’t solve, contact one of our sales team today.