If you work in the warehouse industry, you know the risks associated with storing goods at height. Many of the top associations for warehouse safety in the UK, such as SEMA and HSE, see anti-collapse mesh as a must have for you pallet racking system. So, why wait for the inevitable to happen? Let’s get your warehouse health & safety up to standard.

What is anti-collapse mesh?

Essentially, anti-collapse mesh is a system of panels that are attached onto the rear of a pallet racking system. The main purpose of the mesh is to stop items or whole pallets falling off onto passing operatives. The system is needed most in situations where you have single pallet racking bays that would back onto pedestrian areas. The other added bonus is that you reduce any potential risk of damage to your goods.

Specifically, our rackGUARDIAN™ range is comprised of panels of various sizes that have been created using a 3mm, powder coated (RAL 7042), steel wire. This is then welded into the mesh formation and welded onto a 20mmx20mm box section that surrounds each panel. This creates a super strong panel that is configured in a brickwork pattern to provide extra stability.

Do I need it?

A rather alarming figure is that over 7,000 employees in 2018/19 were involved in an incident in a warehouse resulting from falling objects. At QTS, we take warehouse safety and the safety of our staff very seriously – we know that you would do the same. Many of the top associations for warehouse safety in the UK, such as SEMA and HSE are recommending that any stand-alone bays that back onto a pedestrianised area (basically anything that isn’t against a wall) should have some form of anti-collapse mesh on them.

Benefits of rackGUARDIAN™

  • Superior safety:  creates a strong screen that can withstand impacts up to 2,500 joules.
  • Rapid installation: our modular design means it is as simple to attach to your existing pallet racking system. Firstly you will need to bolt on the bracket to the upright using the bolts provided. Then the expertly designed mesh panels can be inserted to form your anti-collapse system.
  • Fire Safety: Another reason why you should consider using the Anti-Collapse is the fire safety benefit. The alternative option to steel is using a nylon mesh. However, this is likely to become compromised in the event of a fire. The mesh design allows sprinkler systems to reach fires at the back of the racking system.
  • Modular system: The rackGUARDIAN™ is a modular system which can be configured to any of the leading manufacturers racking structures.
  • Creates a pathway:  the system creates safe pathways around your warehouse facilities for guests that come to visit.


For more information on our products or for a quote for some rackGUARDIAN™ anti-collapse mesh, talk to one of our team today here.