If you Cast your mind back 10 years, It is strange to think of a world where robots are running our warehouses; but fast-forward to now, this is very much a reality. Warehouse Automation is just around the corner and its possibilities are endless. However, the correct infrastructure would still need to be in place to protect the remaining workforce and your products along with helping the automation to work effectively.

What is warehouse automation and where is it heading?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to head up the whole process of switching to an automated warehouse. AI will offer warehouse managers the ability to stock, pick and manage the inventory of the largest warehouse with minimal human interaction. Data will continually flow through a database management system as all aspects of the warehouse will have to be in constant communication for it to work efficiently. This means, at any point, an operative could have a total stock check, for example, whenever they require.

The main benefits of automation:

  • Reduced labour costs (by up to 70%)
  • Reduced human error
  • Seamless flow from a sale to fulfilment
  • No human lives at risk
  • Reduced product damage
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Remove bottlenecks from supply chain

There is, however, a large amount of scepticism around trusting robots to do the job; we all know how technology can be so how can we possibly place all our trust in it?

Well the trust will only come with using this kind of technology in practise so to put your mind at ease, here is how our systems could help manage any worry that may come with automating your warehouse.


The rackGUARDIAN™ is an anti-collapse mesh that sits behind your pallet racking system creating a safe barrier between the back of the rack and the walkway behind it. In the instance of automation, if a robot should miss judge loading or unloading a product, it will not be pushed off the back of the system. This will protect anyone walking past from falling objects and protect products from getting damaged.

The rackGUARDIAN™ behind the racking systems will also create a network of walkways (or driveways) around the warehouse. This means that it is easy to design tracks around the warehouse for the new AI robots to follow.


The automated warehouse system is not going to come cheap and will be a relatively complex programme which you would not want untrained professionals having access too. With this, our storGUARD™ would provide the perfect barrier to host any programming software behind a locked cage system. This could also provide a safe space for bots during periods of recharging or inactivity.

So don’t get left behind, check out this video inside Amazon’s automated fulfilment centre to learn more. And if you decide to take the leap, let us help you make it a safe one.