A rather alarming figure for those of us in the warehousing industry is that over 7,000 employees in 2018/19 were involved in an incident in a warehouse resulting from falling objects. At QTS, we take warehouse safety and the safety of our staff very seriously – we know that you would do the same. One of the most common mistakes is installing poor quality or insufficient safety measures to save money in the short term; this is why we have produced our own anti-collapse mesh, the rackGUARDIAN™, to keep your employees safe.

Often, a Nylon netting is installed at the back of the warehouse pallet racking system to stop objects from falling. Nylon netting is very cheap, but it does not provide sufficient protection against falling objects particularly when storing heavier items. The nylon netting will only be able to withstand low impacts.  All it would need is an operator to overshoot loading a heavy pallet and the nylon would likely break.

The solution:

The solution to this problem is to install an Anti-collapse mesh system made from steel. The system acts as a physical barrier between the back of your pallet racking frame and your warehouse operatives when there is the risk of falling items. It is a good idea to have this anti-collapse mesh system installed anywhere that there are items stacked at high levels. This is why, at QTS, we have developed our own anti-collapse in our UK based warehouse and development facility system called the rackGUARDIAN™.

Anti-collapse meshThe benefits of the rackGuardian™:

  • Superior safety: the racking combined with our universal bracket and a brickwork patterned install creates a super strong screen that can withstand impacts up to 2,500 joules.
  • Rapid installation: our modular design means it is as simple as 2 screws and our bracket being attached to your existing pallet racking system and then our expertly designed mesh panels are inserted to form your anti-collapse system.
  • Fire Safety: Another reason why you should consider using the Anti-Collapse is the fire safety benefit. The wire mesh is created from welding together steel which is obviously significantly stronger then it mesh alternative and thus it is less likely to have any damage in an event of a fire; the nylon netting will just go up in flames.
  • Modular system: The rackGUARDIAN™ is a modular panelled system which can be configured to any of the leading manufacturers racking structures.
  • Creates a pathway: By adding the rackGUARDIAN™ to the back of your racking systems it creates safe pathways around your warehouse facilities for guests that come to visit.

So to prevent any accidents and improve your warehouse safety, get in contact with one of our specialists today here and we can give you a quote to fit one of our expertly designed rackGUARDIANs™.