To those of us in the logistics and warehousing industries, being agile will have a slightly different meaning to those who watch too much David Attenborough. However, the premise remains the same; being able to move quickly and easily. But what doe having an agile warehouse mean?

Why is agility important to warehouse management?

Ultimately, for any business in todays climate, you need to be competitive to remain an avid contender in the market and one way to achieve this is through fast and efficient delivery of products. Creating the shortest lead time possible is going to increase the probability of a customer choosing you over one of your competitors. There is also the benefit of organisation within an agile warehouse. When it comes to fulfilling orders, it should be easy for your operatives to locate and access the products that need to go out. A disorganised warehouse will increase the time it takes to fulfil an order and could result in late charges depending on the contract you have with the customers.

How can QTS help improve warehouse agility?

QTS has a range of products that will help keep your warehouse organised which is perfect for optimising agility but below are a few key designs you may not know about.

easySHELF™ – Central ridge:
The central ridge design has been adapted from our regular waterfall easySHELF™ system with a small ridge in the centre of it. The bonus of this is that you are then able to load and unload the bay from either side without the products pushing anything off on the other side or getting mixed up. This solution is generally better for smaller boxes as it will have to fit onto ½ the normal space we offer on the standard easySHELF™ waterfall decks.

easySHELF™ – Upturn Deck:
The upturn deck is again an adaptation of our waterfall deck but instead of a waterfall at the rear, it has an upturn. This means that if you are loading pallets on from the front, the risk of the warehouse operator pushing it on too far and the stock falling out the back. This would run the risk of having damaged stock which will in turn reduce profit margins and potentially increase lead times.

Our mesh partitions are a great addition to any of our easySHELF™ mesh decks. It is the perfect way to divide the deck into sections to split up products to improve stock organisation and thus agility. For example, in a clothing warehouse, you may use the dividers to split different sizes of stock stopping them mixing in together. This would also be complimented by using our powder coating finish to create a smoother deck. Read about our finishes here.

If you are interested in becoming an agile warehouse, then get in contact with one of our specialists today for a quote.