In a world where the population is rapidly increasing, and space is diminishing quicker than we can get you a quote (which is very quick), it is becoming increasingly important that we find solutions to maximise the space of our warehouses. The obvious answer – build upwards. This, of course, comes with its own difficulties, but the one that we are most concerned with here at QTS is the safety of your products and staff.  This way we have designed our easySHELF™; a wire mesh deck system to help store your goods safely.

The solution to this problem is to layer up multiple shelves but to do this you are going to need something to support the products. The common solution is to use wooden slats between the beams to rest the products on so that they don’t fall through and become damaged. Having the decking also helps to provide extra support for heavier goods that would otherwise not be able to be supported by the beams alone. All pretty simple so far, right?

The common mistake though (which we have many bespoke solutions for) is that companies will often opt for wooden decking because the initial upfront costs are cheaper than the steel metal mesh alternatives.  I know what you are thinking, “saving on set up costs doesn’t sound like a bad thing”, well in this instance, it is. The solution is to use a wire mesh deck replacement, like our easySHELF, and here is why…

The easySHELF, the superior solution:

  1. Wood is weaker. By only using a 4mm steel wire, QTS have been able to create the mesh frame which, combined with a choice of our support bars, can hold up to 1500kg.
  2. The easySHELF can deal with moisture. We know it isn’t always possible to keep everything dry, especially if you have to receive a delivery in bad weather. A wooden decking would become damp and when wood gets damp it becomes weaker which means you are potentially risking the safety of your products. This also means that our easySHELF is perfect for storage outside and the strength will not be compromised.
  3. The easySHELF is fire safe. As a result of its mesh design, the easySHELF allows water to penetrate through to all the levels. This is extremely effective in fire safety as the fire can be put out right at the bottom of the unit. This means it would also make your insurance cheaper so thus cheaper in the long run. If you want to improve your safety even further, then you could add the rackGUARDIAN to your system to improve safety for your staff.
  4. easySHELF is simple and easy to install. The wire mesh decking has a waterfall design which makes constructing each bay very simple; all you need to do is drop the deck onto the beams and you are done.
  5. They are easy to maintain. With the easySHELF, you can have a variety of coatings on the wires which helps the wires be almost maintenance-free. At QTS, we offer a Zinc finish which adds the benefit of being chip-proof. Our mesh decks are also rust-free allowing you to know your mesh decks will always be in tip-top condition.

Now, there are a lot of different varieties of the easySHELF that we produce right here in the UK and we even offer bespoke versions to cater to your needs. We know this could seem a bit daunting but luckily, we have a team of experts just on the other end of the phone (or email if you prefer) who can help take your warehouse to the next level.