Change is a constant thing; and we either need to hide from it or embrace it. Within logistics and supply chain management, change is massively apparent and is thoroughly kicking into motion (excuse the pun).

From a broader point of view, is it now time to change the approach to logistics and supply chain management? An interested question; so, I guess it deserves an interesting answer…

So let’s provide you a quick and pressing aspect of this, and get to the point. The sheer pressure on logistics and supply chain organisations to deliver has never been greater due mainly to consumers essentially demanding and expecting this as the norm. Many have cited this change in consumer trends and perception down as the ‘amazon effect’.

There is a clear and somewhat relentless demand for a very high level of service for products and solutions within this industry. Those who don’t review, adapt and possibly revise their business and operational models may find themselves being left behind commercially.

One aspect that has been looked presently is the use of AI being rolling out across the industry. With an ever-increasing population and demand for e-commerce continue to increase demand for all involved within the industry; many are now examining the potential benefits of using AI and mobile technology. This type of technology could go a long way to helping businesses optimize their existing resources, for example carefully planning more effective delivery routes and minimalizing the time that a vehicle is empty.

Good old-fashioned competition is another factor that is driving suppliers to constantly review their current propositions and a higher-level service to customers. It feels like we’re in an age of consumer power and heighted consumerism. The advancement and innovation of technology across the industry will continue to open opportunities to less traditional and more innovative forms of technology.

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