When it comes to considering the finish of your project, there are several options that you can choose from, and one of these is the powder coating option. Powder Coating is a very popular and more advanced option with a large range of colour options available for you to choose from. It provides several benefits over the traditional methods which can enhance its value and viability to the finish in a wide range of applications. According to the Powder Coating Institute, the primary benefits of powder coating are a quality appearance, improved durability, and reduced environmental impact of your products. These are only a few of the advantages to choosing powder coating for your next project. Powder coating is the way to go to achieve a effective way to provide a high-quality on your products.

Environmental and Health Adavtages

Since Powder coating came around it has been noticed to be a much more environmentally friendly option as it is free of solvents and other chemicals, and recognized as safe for use and for disposal, than other options such as paint. Using Paint includes solvents called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which is known to cause environmental damage when released into the atmosphere. Not only can it affect the environment but, it can cause serious health problems to those exposed for long periods of time. The EPA has issued warning against these solvents, stating that they have caused cancer in laboratory animals and are associated with other health concerns such as headaches, nausea, and dizziness. When choosing powder coating over liquid finishes such as paint, you will avoid all these potential damages to the environment.

Cost Friendly

The process of applying powder coating is much more efficient than paint. When a product is being powder coated through the machine or hand they can spray the exact right amount needed for the application meaning there is very little waste. With no extra drying time is needed before the next step of the process, this will save you time and money. The powder itself is less expensive than paint, further cutting cost. An extra way you have to save money is when it comes to storing powder coating which takes up less space than paint from the beginning and can be stored in a way that takes up less space than paint cans.

In terms of the end finish, the powder coating option is known for its much more durable covering than paint options. The coating is much more flexible than traditional paint, allowing for a small amount on bending and flexing as the parts vibrate and move. Powder coating helps stainless steel parts stand up to wear and tear caused by weather and other factors, as it is highly resistant to scratching, flaking and corrosion. Powder coating can extend the life of your products that are used in outdoors and in a working environment.