In celebration of National Clean Up Day on the 15th of September 2018, we thought it would be a great time to give you some tips on how to keep your warehouse clean and what racking solutions are out there. The most important aspect of maintaining your warehouse is ensuring it is kept clean on a daily basis. We all know warehouses are open spaces so it can easily become dirty again, that is why it is super important everyone keeps on top of it.

The best way to ensure this quality is maintained is with checklists and keeping your warehouse in-stock with the correct cleaning equipment. Areas such as shelves should be dusted at least once a month to avoid packages becoming marked or damaged.

Updated Scheduled Clean-up Days

Even if you have a dedicated cleaning crew to clean your warehouse, it is still important that your employees do their part to help keep the warehouse tidy. So how do you get your employees to pull their own weight? Be sure to set a schedule for cleaners or your workers to clean the warehouse, maintaining a standard which reflects on your company’s values, keep stock clean and ensure your employees are working in a safe environment that they feel comfortable in.

Having schedule clean-up days are great to keep make your warehouse feel tidy! It isn’t something that has to be done every week maybe have one or two times a year, schedule a dedicated day for deep cleans. Also, use this time to clean common areas and storage closets. “rubbish bins are provided for all areas. Any items that a staff member wishes to keep must be noted with their name and date.”

Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

You can’t ask your staff to keep facilities clean without giving them the correct equipment as they go on shift. If you stock the supply room with cleaning supplies, they’ll be available when people need them. Seeing the supplies can also remind people to tidy up but making them search the whole warehouse for cleaning equipment will put them off cleaning the warehouse in general as no one wants to spend time walking around looking. Provide sweeping brushes, visible cleansing wipes, paper towels and large rubbish bin and bins for recycling too.

Clear Your Bins Regularly

Having rubbish bins scatted around your warehouse is great as it allows any rubbish to go straight into the bin without walking a long distance to a bin as this is a waste of their time and down to the point they won’t be bothered to walk around. With more than one bin your warehouse means extra work to keep on top of them. Your bins should never get to the point of overflowing as this is a massive hazard! With bins overflowing it then means your staff or visitors have nowhere to put their litter which might lead to them dumping litter where they shouldn’t which can cause additional hazardous for yourself and your workers.

Cleaning As You Go!

If you are in a warehouse or factory that always have machinery on the go then it doesn’t matter how clean you keep the area the machinery will always going to cause a mess every time is it used. That’s why we recommend cleaning as you go. It is important for whoever who is on the machine cleans up any mess they produce such as metal shavings as they are working to maintain a tidy working area and to create a hazard-free zone. If you have a project on that means

Separate Areas Up In Your Warehouse

The best way to make sure your warehouse is kept clean is to separate your warehouse into sections and assign them to individuals on-site. This allows individuals who are assigned to that area to keep their section tidy. Workers cannot leave a mess for whoever is on shift after them. This would then require further cleaning for the next person on shift. Keeping up with this daily means it will maintain the workload, making every shift more efficient. These responsibilities can be easy as sweeping the floors, cleaning debris, giving the equipment a wipe over.

Label Your Floor Plan

Labels are a great way to keep things organized. Working in a large warehouse can be difficult at times. Having floor labeling which is designed to keep sectors organized, as well as making stock easy to identify. Having a kept records of which isle certain stock is kept to make accessing your stock much easier and much less time-consuming to collect. This will also help to make assigning individual members to clean much easier as it will be labeled for them.

Recycling Is Important!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small or large firm, recycling is a vital part of the industry doing what it can to help the environment. Having recycling bins spread around your facility means your employees won’t just throw their lunch rubbish in the same bin. They will be able to separate what is generally rubbish and also what needs recycling. This also ensures that supplies are re-used rather than replaced.

Safety: Provide your staff with the correct safety equipment

The safety of your employees is your top concern. Proving the right safety equipment is important, whether it’s a high-vis vest or a safety helmet. It is important that you have regular checks on the equipment to ensure that is in good condition and functioning as it should, as this is the only protection your employees have.

Simple racking solutions

Having a simple and easy to navigate racking solution can help your staff find what they are looking for. Using dividers to separate stock and make an easy layout for your staff to pick from. This not only keeps your stock neat and tidy, but keeps your picking errors down also.

Your racking solutions should also keep your staff safe, such as looking at anti-collapse mesh to stop stock falling from backs of shelving units. Wire mesh decks are also easier to keep clean and more hygienic than other timber racking solutions out there.