For decades, Plywood decking pallets were used in warehouses to provide support under the pallets that were being stored. The problem with this was it was starting to get too expensive and was also a massive fire hazard. To this day we now have Mesh Decks. Having Mesh Decks has made manufacturing so much more efficient.

Having the safety and quality in mind, it means warehouses can use wire mesh decks in a safe and efficient way. Mesh decks are a popular option for many warehouses as you are guaranteed you will get the safety and efficiency you need in any warehouse environment.

So, let us tell you all the facts and information that you could possibly need to understand why you should have mesh decks in your warehouse.

What Are Wire Mesh Decks?

Wire Mesh Decks is an adaptable decking solution which offers a range of benefits over traditional Plywood Decking such as safety regulations and fire safety protections. With this in mind, mesh decks are a quick and easy shelving option compared to the Plywood decking.

Let’s get down to what it really means. As we know safety is your number one priority in any warehouse environments. This doesn’t just mean the safety of your employees, but also the safety of your products too. Mesh Decks is a wire decking which is used to add a layer against any of your stock falling past your racking system and causing any injuries or damage to your material handling equipment. The design of the mesh decks prevents dust build up on your products and allow your sprinkler system to pass through them in the event of a fire in the warehouse, which can have a benefit on your insurance premiums.

Wire Mesh Decks also allows light to travel through too the lower racking levels to create a brighter and more efficient warehouse, allowing stock taking easier for your employees as they have a clear sight of each product stored and increases the sturdiness of your rack by equally distributing weight across its beams.

Perfect for storing various material handling such as pallets, boxes and lose stock.

What Are Mesh Decks Used For?

Hopefully, you understand what Mesh Decks are, meaning we’re onto the next stage of this article … what Mesh Decks are used for!

Mesh Decks are used as a safety measure in selective pallet racking to prevent pallets and other materials from falling through the beam levels. They are a quick and easy shelving option for warehouses to store their goods. Wire Mesh Decks are usually the first option for warehouses mainly for safety reasons due to the reduced levels requiring sprinklers and the number of heads needed for an overall scheme.

How Are Mesh Decks Used?

Each Mesh Deck is positioned between two pallet racking box beams allowing you to create a shelf for your pallets, boxes and lose gods too. Each panel is manufactured from a steel material called steel wire mesh, with three flared channels for strength and to help keep this in place by something called the waterfall design, which you can find at the front and back edges of the deck. To also prevent the deck from rusting there are various coating options to choose from. Check out our QTS Guide For Wire Mesh Deck Coating And Finishes blog to find out more about our coatings.

The Benefits Of Using Mesh Decks

Easy Installation: Mesh Decks are known for their popular accessories in pallet racking and have far more quality compared to the Plywood Decking due to its safety features and the strength. With Mesh Decks they are super easy to install where there is no need for tools as the decks can be easily dropped into place and sits on top of the beams.

Durable Duty: For many years, Plywood decking was used in many warehouses to provide support under the pallets. The only issue to this was using plywood boards were too expensive and started to become a massive fire hazard in warehouse environments. The Plywood Decking was causing too many issues in warehouses such as falling out of place causing an unsafe work environment. This is where the Mesh Decks came into place to solve these type of problems. Whether loading full pallets or hand stacking small cartons. the Mesh Decks gave you the durability and meet all safety and fire code requirements.

Hygiene: With Plywood decking being used it meant that hygiene became an issue due to spillages. When a spillage was made on a wooden board is cannot be cleaned up correctly leading to the stillage soaking into the wood causing smells, stains, and hygiene issues. Whereas with the Mesh Deck spillages can easily be cleaned up straight away without leading any long-lasting hygiene issues.

Safety: Safety is an important aspect of any warehouse that’s why you always need to make sure all items in your warehouse are safe including your employees too. If you were using Plywood Decking in your warehouse and there was a fire the smoke would take a while to reach the overhead sprinklers to set them off to put out the fire. This leads to the fire damaging the pallets and items you have placed on the decking and damaging the Plywood decking itself too. With the overhead sprinklers being set off it means the decking will be wet leading to pallets falling through damaging other items stored below. Also, you’ll get the damage from the fire as we both know fire and wood don’t work well together.

On the other hand, with Mesh Decks you are going to have the best safety option with its overhead sprinkler system. The fire will start under the decks, then the fire will start to spread which causes smoke to rise through the decks, which is then going to set off the sprinklers allowing the water to run straight through the decks to put out the fire. At the end of this, the decks will still be safe and undamaged, unlike the Plywood Decks.

Are you looking at using Mesh Decks for your warehouse? We can help here at qts as we have a range of mesh decks for all your needs as our decks are suitable for just about anything. Each one of our decks also meets all the safety standards. View our Mesh Decks here today and get in touch with us too!