What Goes Up … Must Stay Up! Hello to all our warehouse warriors and logistic legends out there. In this article, we are going to look at our Anti-Collapse Mesh system – RackGUARD©. We will also be looking at how it can protect your inventory that’s stored, your warehouse staff against serious accidents and protecting yourself against a potential hefty liability case/ claim in the process. In any warehouse or storage operation where inventory is stored at high levels, its par for the course that some of those goods will inevitably get dislodge and fall. Even worse, a whole pallet of goods will fall and both myself and you know that a hard hat isn’t going to cut it for the poor old warehouse operative who happens to just be walking by at the wrong time! We don’t even want to think about the result of such an accident, but fair to say it is going to leave them with more than just a headache. There are a variety of reasons this can happen. From poorly stacked goods on a pallet or a forklift truck driver catching an adjacent pallet, making the pallet falling completely due to damaged or old age. There are plenty of reasons why they fall, the trick is to expect it! And counter the effects of that pesky thing we call gravity with a purpose designed containment barrier.

But Do I Need Anti-Collapse Mesh?

Clearly, all warehouses are not created equally which is to say each one has a different layout from the next. However, a good rule of thumbs to apply when considering this extra level of safety is to ask a few key questions: 1.  Is the pallet racking area a single entry run of bays that are only loaded from one? If you feel like your answer is yes, then it is a good candidate for Anti-Collapse Mesh to stop items and pallets from falling off the rear of the rack and becoming damaged lost stock. Now, let’s get to the interesting fact: Most of damaged involved crushing 949.73%), followed by denting (23.075), and then tearing (6.91%). When boxes overhang the edge of the pallet, even as little as half an inch as much as 30% of their compressive strength is lost which in simple terms means the stability is comprised! 2. Is the pallet racking in a pedestrian area or perhaps where vehicles pass under? If you think yes again, then once again this is when Anti-Collapse Mesh is needed. In fact, it would be paramount to prevent serious damaged to your most valuable asset, which is your staff!

So, What Are The Best Solutions?

Well, there are two different solutions on the market when it comes to creating that barrier. You can either opt for Nylon Netting, a relatively new product in the warehouse industry or tried and tested purpose designed steel mesh panels. The pricing is competitive but, looking at the two offerings there’s no question that Steel has the longevity with minimum upkeep once installed.

However, netting though is fractionally cheaper and is not a rigid structure which means movement and movement mean frictions that naturally means ‘Wear and Tear’. You will also need to retighten the nets intermittently while in use. Another consideration, with the two solutions on offer, is how they would react to a fire situation. Fire Retardent product such as Fire Retardant Nylon are out in the market but, they do have a fail point once the fire is intense enough and can melt and perish whilst the steel has a significantly higher melting point and can withstand many hot temperatures. In these circumstances,  you can lose the stock, but our mesh decks will probably be standing once the smoke has cleared (disclaimer: we have not tested our steel mesh panels in the above scenario, but its steel! You should understand what I am saying) The confidence we have in our Anti-Collapse System comes from the rigorous testing applied to RackGUARD© and the many projects that have utilized our Anti-Collapse System, in their pallet racking project. If you would like to discuss a project where Anti-Collapse Mesh will be a requirement, then let QTS, a British Manufacturer be there to guide you through the situation. Call us today on 01455633567 or email us at enquires@qts-ltd.co.uk or visit www.qts-ltd.co.uk for future product information.