When it comes to designing your pallet racking system for your warehouse, the key area that you need to consider is what kind of pallet support are you going to use. As we know, the beams in your racking system are designed to support your pallets. It is important you choose the correct one for the job. So – which do you choose? Mesh or timber decks?

Knowing which one is the best between the wire mesh decks compared to timber decks can be difficult. It is an argument in the industrial world that can come up a lot, about which gives you the best support. So, do you want to know which one is better? If you want to know then you need to carry on reading this article. We have collected all the information you need to know.

Do I Need Either?

We would say yes – as decking provides that extra support. The support comes in a form of crossbars on the Wire and Wooden decks, which is the perfect choice if you don’t have any loose items that you want to store. You will use the decks to sit nicely on top of the beam levels to hold it in place when pallets, boxes and anything other stock gets placed on top. The racking system will help broken or misplaced pallets to prevent them from falling through the beam levels. If you are storing heavy duty items in your warehouse then some type of racking system is the best option for you as they provide that additional support.

Timber Decks

Have you ever dreamed of being able to store all types and sizes of pallets in your warehouse? Well, with Plywood decking you can! Warehouse pallet racking can be used to provide that additional support to the pallets that don’t usually overlap the pallet racking area.

Timber Decking consists of slates of softwood timber that will sit across the racking beams to provide you with that support for them smaller or damaged pallets. And, to provide you with a smooth surface storage area to allow you to place smaller hand loaded items of stock.

So, you’re probably thinking how are there timber decks installed? The slates are nailed to the longitudinal battens which then hold them in position. Then, allowing you to drop them into place between the pallet racking beams.

Types Of Timber Decks

There are two types of styles that are available for the wooden decks:

The first type of timber deck is the Closed Deck. With this type of deck, the decks are fixed to the batten. This acts as the location for the wooden deck against the inside faces of the pallet racking beams. The benefit of the closed decking is you know that no small items will fall through. Also, with closed deck pallets, they offer excellent hygiene and are easier to clean, compared to open pallets.

The second type of wooden deck is the Open Deck. This sits nicely onto pallet beams and can be made to fit all types and sizes of your pallet racking. The only downfall to the Open Deck pallets is you can have a problem with hygiene as they are harder to clean. Open Deck pallets allow easier drainage and are often lighter than the closed decks. This makes them easier to handle.

But, choosing between them both can be difficult, but it just really comes down to what you will be using the decking system for. 

Wire Mesh DecksWaterfall Wire Mesh Deck

Now, let’s look at Wire Mesh Decks. We can see why many warehouses are using wire decks as a part of their support strategy. And, this is because we represent steel as a strong material and known for its thick wire. With its tough material, the wire decks meet the industry standards for support a uniform distributed load including the surface of the deck over racking load beams.

There are three main reasons why you should consider using wire mesh decks:

1. Prevent damage to your goods: Wire mesh decks keep loose items from falling and prevents damage to your goods as no one wants damaged goods now, do they? When it comes to storing pallets or goods you need that piece of mind knowing your goods are safe and secure and that they are also going to be in one piece when you return. Therefore, mesh decks prevent all the concerns you might have running around in your head. Don’t worry, wire mesh decks have you covered.

2. Great Storage: Wire mesh decks are known for their great storage perfect for storing just about anything really: pallets, boxes, loose stock, stillages, and pick areas. Depending on what you’re wanting to store, depends on the type of deck that you are going to use. Don’t worry if you don’t know the different types of wire mesh decks we will cover that later on in this article.

3. Additional Safety: The third main reason is the safety of wire mesh decks. When it comes to fire danger the wire mesh deck is the one. Like the wooden decking which will catch fire straight away, on the other hand, the mesh decks won’t add to the flames. But, the great fact about it is the wire decks allow water from the overhead sprinklers to pass through the racking, to knock the fire down before any of your goods are damaged.

Types of Wire Mesh Decks

Here at QTS, we have a range of different wire mesh decks to suit a range of applications meaning we will have a deck perfect for your warehouse needs.

Waterfall Mesh Deck: Designed for its easy transformation for any pallet racking system into an efficient storage space, due to its 38mm waterfall design.

Flat Standard Deck: This type of deck is a variation of the waterfall design for installation with box beams to create a flat decking level.

Upstand Deck: Using a variation of the waterfall design but using an upstand at the rare of the deck to stop items from falling off the back for installation with box beams to create a flat decking level.

Flat Bar Deck: Is a variation of the waterfall design used for light loadings for installation with box beams to create a flat decking level.

Angle Mesh Deck:  The Angle Mesh Deck is an alternative heavy duty storage application to EasySHELF Waterfall deck. Constructed with a steel angle perimeter and finished with reinforced wire mesh, to store loads in excess of 1000kgs.

Step Beam Mesh Deck: This type of deck has a high strength wire mesh deck which is designed for the use of Step Beams. Featuring an internal waterfall to match the pitch of the step creating an unrestricted loading level.

Overhang Deck: Overhang decks, are a variation of the waterfall design with an extended mesh pattern for loads larger than the beam depths for installation with box beams to create a flat decking level.

Cradle Deck Pallet Support Bars: A variation to the waterfall design incorporating the use of pallet support bars for added strength for installation with box beams to create a flat decking level.

Wire Mesh Decks VS. Timber Decks

So, let’s get down to the real reason why you’re here … knowing who wins the fight between Wire Mesh Decks and Wooden Decking.


Steel has a reputation for strength, but we all know wood is strong too. The only downfall that affects the wooden deck’s strength is if there are any spillages. Wood will end up soaking the up the spillage. This can lead to sinking in. Unlike the wire mesh decks, spillages can easily be wiped up without any long-lasting damages to the deck.

Fire Safety

Wire decking is preferred compared to wooden decking because it allows smoke and heat to rise. This allows overhead sprinklers to set off quicker in case of a fire. Water can then fall through into the storage areas. Also, they make it easier for your workers to see the fire and to get out. Unlike wooden decks, wire decking can be a lot safer.


Dust build-up is a major issue with timber decking, which can lead to that high cleaning maintenance and if left, it can become a hygiene issue. Even though wire decks can still become an issue with collecting dust but, the only difference between the wire and the timber decks are that it is easier to sort or and not much of a problem as it is with the wooden decks.


When it comes to installing your decking system, we know you want it up and ready to use as quickly as possible. No one likes waiting around to try and work out how to put something up. We like things that are easy to install. Wire mesh decks are the one for you as they are easy to install. They just drop straight into place without any tools or hardware needed! Unlike wooden decking, where there’s the hassle of getting the right tools to secure the wooden decks into place. So, think about it – do you really want the hassle?


With Wire Mesh Decks, you can have access to a range of coatings. These can be done to help your deck be maintenance free! Here at QTS, we offer Zinc finish, which also brings you the benefit of being chip proof. We all want a nice-looking mesh deck. Mesh Decks are also rust-free allowing you to know your mesh decks will always be in top condition.

Outdoor Environment

If you’re wanting to put some wire mesh decks in an outdoor environment, then you’re in luck! Unlike the wooden decks, the wire deck can have a Zinc finish. This makes the deck weather resistant, meaning they are perfect for outdoor use.


We can all say we have been in that situation where we are struggling to find something we really want on a shelf but we just cannot find it. Wire decks allow more light to filter down. This makes it easier to view the stock, as well as being able to read the labels and tags on the pallet. This will also help to reduce errors being made. Unlike wooden decks, the light won’t be able to filter down making it difficult to see what is being stored.

So, what do you think? Which one would you say is the winner? If you’re thinking mesh decks then we are thinking that one too. At QTS, we have a range of decks perfect for every warehouse needs. If you need any help or advice on our wire mesh decks, then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!