Everyone who works in the warehouse industry is aware of the dangers of falling pallets or items falling from stored pallets. This is why all single racks that are not protected by being positioned against a wall must be fitted with pallet racking safety netting and anti-collapse mesh. The purpose of this mesh is purely to protect those working or passing below from being struck by a falling object in the form of a pallet or stock.

There are two main types of pallet racking Anti-Collapse mesh the first is in made to measure steel mesh pallets fitted with stand-off brackets that are bolted to the rear of the pallet racking. The second type is a Nylon Netting that is fitted in larger panels with a wire rope and stand-off brackets.
The reason for the stand-off brackets is to allow for pallet overhang or stock overhang if the mesh is fitted directly to the pallet racking beams it will be used as a backstop by those loading the pallets into the pallet positions on the pallet racking. This simply increases the danger as you may now be faced with not only falling pallets and stock but with falling mesh panels.

Do I Need Any?

Everyone who works in a warehouse industry is aware of the many danger that can occur. This can include falling pallets or loose stock. If you don’t want this to happen in your warehouse, then you should consider using one of the types of racking systems. To prevent any pallets or loose stock from falling you must fit a pallet racking safety netting or an Anti-Collapse. The purpose of some kind of system is to protect those working or passing below from being hit by falling objects from above.

So, we would say the answer is yes, you should consider having some kind of system in place. But, before you get some type of racking system in place you need to think about your warehouse safety needs and requirements. You should know the type of loads that you are going to be storing and its weight, and the type of pallet rack you are using. And, don’t forget the number of bays and the length and width of your system too.

Don’t worry if you are unsure which one you will need we will explain it to you.

What Happens If I Don’t Use Any?

Unguarded racking is very dangerous, as your pallets and items have more of a chance of falling off. This can be a massive Health and Safety issue as the racking is in placed to stop hazardous inventory falls, which will protect your employees and equipment for any injuries or damaged. If you have pedestrian traffic under your racking in your warehouse then it is really important you have some type of safety protection. Having some type of safety protection in place it will protect passing people from getting any injuries or more seriously getting killed by falling inventory.

Stock can fall from racking for a range of reasons, this can include: when a forklift driver jostles the rack or accidentally pushes an object when they are loading and unloading pallets. If this was to ever happen the Anti-Collapse/ Nylon Netting would be there to catch any falling objects.

There are many options you need to consider when choosing the correct type of racking for your warehouse storage. While you think you have the correct type, you need to make sure you know all the different types before you consider picking.

Nylon Netting

Let’s start off with the Nylon Netting. The Nylon Netting is a safety netting system which can offer your warehouse a modern replacement to the Anti-Collapse Mesh which you’ll find at the back of your racks. The Nylon Nets act as a protective barrier against any falling loads which are stored within the pallet bays.

Are you wondering what the net is made from? Well, it is made from 100% Nylon. The Nylon netting is perfect for them gentle accidents, let’s say a pallet had not been placed correctly and has been placed too far back. The Nylon Netting flexes and catches the load or it will stop the moving pallet. Don’t worry, you should have any issues with any damage to the net.

Benefits of Nylon Netting

There have been stories that go around about how great Nylon Netting is because of the many benefits that it brings to a warehouse.

  • Various Net Sizes: The Nylon Nets have a range of sizes allowing you to get the perfect setting for your warehouse. You don’t have to worry about finding the right size to fit as the Nylon Netting has you covered on just about any size possible.
  • Damage Resistant: Don’t we just hate buying items that can easily break as it can really bring you down. So, why would you buy Nylon Netting for your warehouse knowing it can be easily damaged meaning you will have to keep paying for more… great! But, with the Nylon Netting. But, with the Anti-Collapse, it’s damage resistant. Nylon Netting is known for its damage resistant as it will not corrode, rust or dent. It doesn’t matter if your storage oversize material – it still won’t break.
  • Quick Installation Time: One of the main benefits of using Nylon Netting is the quick installation time. The main purpose of Nylon Netting was to reduce the installation time that installs teams were having when installing other types of racking systems, as it was taking up a lot of their time. The Nylon Netting main reason for it’s come about was to reduce installation time where ever possible and not to just simply provide the cheapest material cost. With some research, we have found out that Nylon Netting can be installed at a rate of 300m2 to 500m2 per pay by a team of two installation men. This is 50% to 100% faster than the Anti-Collapse Mesh.
  • Zero maintenance: If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time and someone who doesn’t like high maintenance items then the Nylon Netting could be the perfect choice for you! Once, they are installed you can just leave them to do their thing as the Nylon Netting is maintenance free! Let’s just say, the nets got dirty and you wanted them looking their best – then you can just remove them for cleaning, it’s just as simple as that. The nets are flexible, lightweight and require less structural support from the racking.
  • Safety System: Because of its strong material it means its extra safe. A lot of warehouses choose the Rack Netting because of its safety to help protect their workers and their stored stock. The Nylon Netting is placed to prevent any pallet or loose stock from coming off the shelving and falling on pedestrian walkways underneath, as we both know it wouldn’t be pretty is anyone got injured.


Anti-Collapse is designed to create a physical barrier between your warehouse operative and dislodged goods, which can be fixed to the rear of the pallet racking or shelving to protect operatives when there is a potential risk of falling objects. Manufactured to have a simple and effective way to prevent accidents when placing your pallets on the pallet racking. If you have pedestrian walkways in your warehouse, its a good idea to install Anti-Collapse whenever there is a risk of stacked goods. The Anti-Collapse is the ultimate solution for a sage, tidy and easy-to-use warehouse system. When the Anti-Collapse is fitted to the rear of a pallet rack, it prevents any goods from falling out and causing injury to personnel or damage to your goods.

The Anti-Collapse can be used as a fence system to reduce the risk to operatives from machinery, forklifts to other mechanical handling equipment from knocking back objects that have a risk of falling, the Anti-Collapse system is there to catch your objects to prevent any dangers occurring.

With it being easy to install by having the pre-drilled mesh panels which are bolted together and secured to the uprights using a range of universal stand-off brackets. If you need customised installation panels, they can be cut to size both horizontally and vertically and finished with a U-profile finish.

Benefits of Using Anti-Collapse

Now, the benefits of using Anti-Collapse in your warehouse…

  • Quick and Easy installation: If you’re wanting something that is quick and easy to install then out Anti-Collapse mesh is perfect for the job. The Anti-Collapse is fast and easy to install and also compatible with major racking manufacturers. The steel mesh is fitted to the rear or the side of the pallet racking. Is a modular paneled system which can be configured to any racking structure in any warehouse environment.
  • Safety: Anti-Collapse is known for its high safety, as the panels are attached to the racking to ensure that no inventory stock is able to fall below. The Anti-Collapse acts as a protector to prevent any inventory stick from falling to ensure they are secured stored on your pallet racking. If a stock item was to ever fall the Anti-Collapse system will be there to catch your item to prevent it from falling and causing injury to personnel or damage to your goods.
  • Fire Safety: Another reason why you should consider using the Anti-Collapse is the fire safety benefit. Because of the material that the Anti-Collapse is manufactured from compared to the Nylon Netting, it is less likely to have any damage in an event of a fire, whereas the Nylon Netting will just go up in flames!
  • Secure:  Due to its solid material mesh steel it means it is a very secure material. The mesh has a see-through effect so discourages the opportunity for theft in areas such as break-ins and theft as your content will be disclosed. The last thing you want is a thieve coming into your warehouse and stealing you inventory stock.
  • Environment: Anti-Collapse is suitable in a wide range of environments as its protection is suitable for uses in ambient warehousing as well as chill stores and freezers because of where the open mesh does not restrict the free flow of air.

If you need any more information about our Anti-Collapse mesh visits the page here. Otherwise please contact us today if you’re interested in installing an Anti-Collapse mesh system in your warehouse as we are happy to help.